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Toyota Warranty Quote

Starting out in textiles way back in the 1930s, no one expected Toyota to become one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers by 2012. Then again, you’ll probably feel foolish for expecting anything less. On top of significant investments in research and development – more than any other company globally – Toyota has some of the most impressive sales figures in the entire business (after all, who wouldn’t be wowed by the fact that they sell one Corolla every 27 seconds*?!). And to drive? Well, it’s certainly one of the reasons so many people keep coming back for more.

It’s worth taking out a Toyota warranty that covers your car in the event of an unexpected mechanical or electrical fault. This way, you’ll avoid a hefty repair bill and be able to get back to running your vehicle without much hassle at all. And just as your car warranty protects your pride and joy whilst they’re on the road, your account with MotorEasy should give you just as much peace of mind.

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Why do I need a Toyota warranty?

Under our Toyota warranty cover, you can guarantee that your car will be protected beyond the standard manufacturer’s agreement. On taking out one of our warranty plans, mechanical and electrical faults – even including air conditioning, overheating and in-car entertainment on newer vehicles – will be covered.

Unlike many Toyota warranty plans, ours safeguard you and your car against consequential damage, which means covered covered components are protected, even where they fail as a result of a non-covered component (like a belt) failing. At MotorEasy, we do all we can to make your motoring, well, easy!


What areas are covered with MotorEasy?

Along with the above, we also offer an unrivalled degree of flexibility. So, before you settle for the first plan you find, be sure to make a proper comparison to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your needs. Our protection is available for one, two or even three years. And if you’re not sure how long you’ll be keeping your car, don’t worry; our monthly payment plans are ideal for those seeking to better manage their motoring even if the circumstances are a bit up in the air.

We can arrange collection and delivery of your car from your home or work in the event of it needing maintenance or a repair. This means that before you set off for the day, or even if you’re already at the office, you can relax in the knowledge that MotorEasy is working on your behalf.

Whilst we can’t take away the sting that comes with unexpected repair bills, we hope there’s some solace in us removing your costs. And did you know that we'll provide wear and tear coverage as well? That is huge for a motorist whose original manufacturer’s warranty may not deliver in this instance.


Can I get a free quote?

Absolutely! We believe that taking out a Toyota warranty should be as straightforward as possible. Simply use our quote journey, where you’ll be asked to fill in your car’s registration number and a few bits of personal information. And that’s that: we’ll provide you with a free quote right then and there!

We can also live chat with you if you’d prefer, or you can call us on freephone 0800 131 0001. With access to our dedicated support team, you’ll be in safe hands every step of the way – whatever your warranty needs.


Recent Paid Maintenance and Repairs for Toyota Cars

Toyota may have a reputation as one of the most reliable car makes on the market today, but that doesn’t mean its models aren’t susceptible to expensive mechanical and electrical repair costs, especially if they’ve been on the road for quite some time. Become familiar with some common repairs associated with Toyota cars so you know exactly which MotorEasy plan will serve you best. To get started, check out our guide below:

  • RAV-4: Up there with some of the biggest jobs involving a Toyota was when we dressed a RAV-4 with a completely new engine. The final bill came to £2,466, including diagnostics, parts and labour. This is why you should get protection from MotorEasy, where you can select a Toyota warranty that suits both your car and your wallet.
  • Proace: One of the complicated jobs completed on this car recently totalled £1,795.20; the work was miscellaneous and involved restoring a lot of the vehicle’s original components. Safeguard your Toyota against unexpected repair costs by taking out an extended warranty with MotorEasy today.
  • IQ: We put a new engine in one of these cars and it came to £4,326, including parts and labour. Most people would find it difficult paying such hefty bills outright, but a comprehensive Toyota warranty with MotorEasy can take away the pressure entirely.
  • Aygo: Recently, we did a job that involved reconditioning the gearbox in one of these vehicles. This totalled £1,017.19, including diagnostics, parts and labour. Protection from MotorEasy in the form of a Toyota warranty that suits both your car and your wallet is essential to safeguard against such repair costs.
  • Auris: Work on the external clutch actuator in these cars is a common repair we undertake; the most expensive fix we've made to date on this component is £1,327.2. Unexpected repair costs like this can be stressful to deal with, but by taking out an extended Toyota warranty with MotorEasy, you don't have to worry.
  • Yaris: We replaced the throttle body in one of these cars recently, which came to £1,192.52, including diagnostics, parts and labour. Expensive bills like this are difficult to pay outright, so take away the pressure by obtaining a comprehensive Toyota warranty with MotorEasy.

*Sales data collected from official manufacturer’s site.