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MINI Car Warranty Quote

Produced by the British Motor Corporation, MINI started life as a range of small cars; it was only when BMW AG bought the marque in 1994 that it became a make in its own right. Thanks to its rich blend of style and affordability, MINI's continue to be one of the most sought-after variants of car in the UK. 

Fun-loving and retro, the iconic MINI is available in a range of body types: from hatchbacks to SUVs; coupes to convertibles, there’s a MINI out there for everyone. This means it’s up to you what MINI warranty you get for your specific model. No matter the shape or size of your MINI, you can relax knowing that you’re properly covered with MotorEasy.


Why Do I Need A MINI Car Warranty?

Our MINI warranties are designed to offer the best combination of cover and value, delivering many features that aren’t available with a MINI manufacturer warranty.

Our MINI extended warranty plans cover:

  • Failures identified during MOTs and servicing
  • Wear and tear – a feature only available in a MINI comprehensive manufacturer warranty
  • Consequential damage as standard including repairs or replacements directly impacted by failure

  • Overheating failures
  • Air conditioning issues


The Benefits Of A MotorEasy MINI Warranty

Having a MotorEasy warranty for your MINI means you will also have access to benefits like:

  • Our monitored repair process tracks your progress and ensures work is completed to our agreed high standard
  • We pay garages directly so you’re never out of pocket
  • Access our network of 10,000 garages nationwide
  • Collection and delivery from your home or work
  • 24/7 online booking
  • Create a free digital logbook in your MotorEasy account with useful date reminders and access to special motoring discounts


Get A MINI Warranty Quote?

To get your free online MINI warranty quote today, simply visit our quote page. You’ll then need to fill in your registration number, as well as your personal details. And with that, your MINI warranty request is complete – you should receive an estimate in a matter of moments.

On the other hand – should you wish to discuss your warranty requirements at length – we are more than happy you talk to you and help you figure out the best solution for your car. Reach us (for free) on 0800 131 0001.

MotorEasy provides MINI warranties across the entire range and these benefits are available for warranties on all manufacturers. You can also opt for a Lite plan, designed to pay-out in the event that your car has broken down and needs roadside recovery.

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MINI Warranty Comparison: Average MotorEasy Quotes vs Manufacturer Comprehensive Warranty

As of November 2021, MotorEasy has researched the average price of a MINI extended car warranty, and compared it with the MotorEasy equivalent to find which warranty is better value for money. The following quotes are average prices based on a MotorEasy Plan A warranty and MINI warranty with £0 excess. Prices and savings correct as of November 2021.

ModelAge (years)MotorEasy WarrantyMINI WarrantySaving
Cooper SD3£478£932£454
Convertible Cooper S3£478£932£454
Countryman Cooper D All43£452£517£65
Paceman Cooper All44£496£516£20 

On average, a MotorEasy car warranty could save you £212 than going to the manufacturer directly. These prices also don’t consider MotorEasy discounts or promotions, so the savings could be even more substantial.  



MINI Warranty FAQs

How long does a MINI warranty last?

A MINI extended warranty lasts for 12 months, or you can take an ongoing monthly policy. In both instances your car will need to have done less than 100,000 miles. Unless you opt for the cheapest and least comprehensive cover. By contrast, a MotorEasy MINI extended warranty lasts for up to 3 years - or you can also choose an ongoing monthly policy.


How much warranty do you get on a MINI?

A MINI warranty is provided at the time you purchase the vehicle. In the UK that covers 3 years and unlimited mileage. To maintain that cover you need to follow the manufacturer servicing guidelines. If you want to extend your MINI warranty you can either buy an annual policy for 12 months or an ongoing monthly policy. MINI have three levels of warranty cover and only the cheapest covers vehicles over 100,000 miles.


What’s covered in a MINI warranty?

It depends which level of cover you choose to pay for with MINI. They have three levels of cover as laid out below:

  • Comprehensive - which covers the majority of mechanical & electrical parts of your MINI & is the only one to include wear & tear cover
  • Named Component - which covers a smaller selection of parts & no wear & tear
  • Driveline - only covers the engine, transmission & drive train & no wear & tear

You can take Comprehensive or Named Component if your car has covered less than 100,000 miles. Driveline will cover any MINI that has done over 100,000 miles. You can also choose one of 3 excess amounts to lower the cost of your warranty £0, £100 or £250.

A MotorEasy MINI extended warranty covers all the same things but with the addition of:

  • Wear & Tear cover (which you only get with comprehensive cover at MINI)
  • Overheating failures
  • Air conditioning issues


How much is a MINI warranty?

Firstly, that depends entirely on which level of cover you choose: Comprehensive, Named Component, or Driveline. And which policy excess you choose. We like to keep things easy so - we’ve done the research for you!

Our most recent research suggests that a 3 year old MINI Cooper SD OR MINI Convertible Cooper S Would cost £932 (based on comprehensive cover with £0 excess). The same level of cover with £0 excess from MotorEasy would cost almost HALF at £478.

In the event of a claim, you also won’t have to pay the £250 excess fee as detailed in MINI’s low cost warranty option. In contrast, a MotorEasy warranty gives you the flexibility to choose a modest repair contribution of £0, £25 or £50, as a way to lower the cost of your premium.

All things considered, that means a MotorEasy warranty compared to a MINI extended warranty is:

  • Less expensive
  • Offers more cover, notably for wear and tear (outside of comprehensive cover)
  • Won’t hit you with an expensive excess fee
  • Gives you more flexibility to choose a modest repair contribution to lower your premium cost
  • Includes a free vehicle health check

If you’d like an almost a 50% saving for more cover - Get a MINI warranty quote


What MINI warranties are available on used cars?

MINI offer 3 levels of cover on used car warranties:
1. Comprehensive 12 month or ongoing monthly cover up to 100,000 miles
2. Named Component 12 month or ongoing monthly cover up to 100,000 miles
3. Driveline - 12 month or ongoing monthly cover cars can go over 100,000 miles

You can of course get a MotorEasy extended MINI warranty that will cover you up to 120,000 miles. Can be up to 50% cheaper depending on the cover you choose (and the car you drive) and comes with all of the following additional benefits:

  • A free digital logbook in your MotorEasy account with useful date reminders (such as service and MOT dates) and access to special MotorEasy discounts
  • Our monitored repair process tracks your progress and ensures work is completed to our agreed high standard
  • You're never out of pocket - We pay network garages directly
  • Access our network of 10,000 garages nationwide
  • 24/7 online bookings

To get a quote for your MINI extended warranty from Motoreasy you can either:

Call us free on 0800 131 0001 or pop in your registration to get a MINI extended warranty

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