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MotorEasy Plan A Lite Car Warranty

MotorEasy’s Plan A Lite Car Warranty covers you for a huge range of mechanical and electrical components if they lead to a sudden or unexpected fault with your vehicle.


How does the Plan A Lite Car Warranty work?

A lite plan is a value alternative of our reccomended full plans, as they requires a vehicle breakdown to occur at roadside and be recovered to a workshop because it can no longer continue its journey in order for a claim to be assessed.

The Plan A Lite policy is a car warranty which covers you for failures on the outlined parts if they lead to a breakdown of your vehicle on the roadside preventing you from safely continuing your journey. You’re also covered for consequential damage which may be caused by a non-listed competent.

Your warranty protects you against the cost of parts, labour and diagnosis, up to the value of your vehicle to get you back on the road including faults due to wear and tear.

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What’s covered with a MotorEasy Plan A Lite Car Warranty?

The Plan A Lite Car Warranty protects the highest number of electrical and mechanical components from a MotorEasy warranty.

Below, you’ll find the list of all the components and systems included:

●      Air conditioning

●      Braking system hydraulics

●      Braking system cables, pedal assembly & vacuum pump

●      Casings

●      Clutch ancillaries

●      Clutch plate – including cover & release bearing

●      Cooling system thermostat and water pump

●      Cooling system radiators & fans

●      Main ECU (computer)

●      Other ECUs (computers)

●      Airbag electrics (external to airbags)

●      Starter motor & alternator

●      Main electrical system components

●      Emission system components

●      Catalytic converters

●      Diesel particulate filters

●      Engine

●      Fluids and consumables

●      Flywheels & drive plates

●      Fuel system – pumps, tank & other components

●      Gearboxes

●      Ignition system – coils, crankshaft, camshaft sensors & other components

●      Crankshaft rear oil seal

●      Gearbox input shaft oil seal

●      Other oil seals and gaskets

●      Power steering motor, pump & ram

●      Other steering system components

●      Superchargers & Turbochargers

●      Suspension

●      Transmissions

Sundries such as coolants, filters, fluids, lubricants, oils, refrigerants and other working materials will be covered as long as the car is not within 1,000 miles of its next service and an included repair necessitates the replacement.


What’s not covered with a Plan A Lite Car Warranty?

Although the majority of components are covered, there are a few things not included in a Plan A Lite Car Warranty:

●      Aerials

●      Auxiliary drive belts

●      Batteries

●      Bodywork

●      Brake friction materials

●      Connectors, wiring, fuses and heating elements

●      Electrical components integral with windows

●      Exhaust pipes

●      Hoses & pipes

●      In-car entertainment & sat-nav equipment which are not part of the dashboard unit

●      Interior & exterior trims

●      Lamps

●      Light bulbs

●      Paintwork

●      Seats

●      Spark plugs

●      Upholstery

●      Upgraded or revised software & firmware

●      Windows & windscreens

●      Wheels & tyres


Benefits of a Plan A Lite Car Warranty

Your MotorEasy warranty comes with an incredible selection of benefits:

●      Wear & tear and consequential damage are included

●      Free car health check

●      Monitor repairs and access discounts through the MotorEasy account

●      Access our network of over 10,000 garages

●      Avoid being out of pocket as we pay for repairs direct

●      European travel covered for up to 60 days 


Plan A Lite Car Warranty FAQs

Can any vehicle take out a Plan A Lite Car Warranty?

All vehicles under 120,000 and 12 years can take out a MotorEasy warranty, whether they’re new, used or you’re extending the manufacturer's warranty. Vehicles must be within normal use with an up-to-date service and MOT.


How do I arrange a repair?

You should log into your MotorEasy account to log a warranty repair.


My vehicle is stuck - what do I do?

We will cover the cost of recovering your vehicles to the nearest garage up to the value of £150.00.


How much is a Plan A Lite Car Warranty?

The Plan A Lite starts from as little as £13.75 per month without any discounts, however, prices vary depending on the make, model, age and mileage of your vehicle.


View your Plan A Lite policy documents or visit the car warranty page should you need more information.