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Car Warranty Explained: What You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love getting their money’s worth? When it comes to running a car, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a surefire way to safeguard your investment that doesn’t involve paying through the nose. In fact, it can be more than just financially beneficial for you to take out a car warranty. Whether you’re a new or used car owner, there’s plenty to pique your interest in this kind of coverage – and some of the best stuff comes with MotorEasy!

Everyone who owns their own car should invest in a car warranty. Along with tax, fuel, MOT, servicing and insurance, it can be a relatively costly business ensuring that your vehicle is roadworthy. Factor in surprise costs when something goes wrong and your car needs to be repaired into the equation and you’re even more out of pocket! Unreliable car prone to issues? Simply want to protect yourself from expensive garage bills? A car warranty could be exactly what you need.

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What is a car warranty?

Even though cars have never been more reliable and durable, or needed less maintenance than today, motorists continue to deal with plenty of problems under the hood or behind the glove box. This is because as technology advances, so do the bugs; think about how prevalent creature comforts like climate control and digital radio are in modern vehicles, compared with models built even just a decade ago.

Experienced motorists will also know that many parts that used to be simple to repair or replace are now found in complicated or specialised internalised units that require complete replacement or specialist work - meaning significant repair costs.

It’s these complexities that can prove costly to fix; that’s why having a car warranty could save you money – and stress. 

In short, a car warranty (sometimes known as mechanical breakdown insurance) will cover the cost of the parts and labour required to fix certain mechanical or electrical faults with your car. The coverage will last for an agreed period, usually for 3 years or 60,000 miles after the date of manufacture. Many companies offer extended warranty plans with varying levels of protection that can be confusing and overwhelming to buyers; by contrast, our car warranty policies are comprehensive, transparent, easy to understand and, should you need to make a claim, the whole process is simple with MotorEasy. 


Choosing a car warranty

When choosing a car warranty, there are a few things to bear in mind. First, familiarise yourself with the cover document to ensure that the coverage is properly suited to your needs. Our plans are always clear and upfront, but it never hurts to double-check that you’re getting the deal you came for; it’s no good finalising your car warranty, signing it off and then a while later finding out that you should have taken out a totally different policy.

Another thing you need to be fully aware of is terminology – which isn’t so much of an issue due to our transparent approach but can be frustrating if you’re not clued up. Check out our ‘Lost In Translation’ initiative and discover just one of the ways MotorEasy is trying to make a difference to the way drivers are treated.


Are all car warranties the same?

There are three main types of car warranty to consider when it comes to extending your coverage with MotorEasy®: manufacturer policies, dealer policies and third-party cover. It’s worth getting to grips with how your car was protected before, in the lead-up to taking out a brand-new policy.

And with MotorEasy, you can choose an after-market warranty tailored to suit your personal requirements. Your options will depend on the type of car you drive, its age, and your annual mileage. Don’t worry though; you can buy a MotorEasy car warranty at any time if your car is less than 12 years old and has recorded less than 120,000 thousand miles since new. Even if you don’t currently have extended warranty protection because you own a used car, we can help sort that out for you.

When you realise that there are over 5,000 parts in a typical car, a set of jargon-filled warranty terms and conditions simply isn’t what you need. So, spend some time researching the best deals with us. And remember, planning is key; if you’ve already got a warranty but it’s up for renewal, it could still be worth checking out options available through MotorEasy.


What does car warranty cover?

A car warranty with MotorEasy protects much of a vehicle against repairs or failures. If you have faults rectified at one of our network garages - with over 10,000 in the UK - we'll pay them directly for the costs of diagnosis, parts and labour; meaning you're not out of pocket.

Whilst you’re covered with MotorEasy, you can also enjoy protection against wear and tear from day one, following a health check at a network garage. 24/7 online booking and tracking of repairs are available, and we’ll even contribute to recovery and diagnosis costs. Failures in Europe are likewise covered by every car warranty policy we offer; no matter where you’re driving on the continent, we’ll be there to help if things go wrong with your vehicle.

Car warranty coverage won’t cover parts termed perishable, service, frictional or wearing; although, with a new car, these will be replaced if they fail due to incorrect fitment in the early part of a car’s life. It’s also worth noting that no car warranty anywhere in the world covers consumable parts designed to wear out – brake pads, wiper blades, exhausts, batteries, tires, etc.


Can I get a quote online?

Oh yes, and it’s completely free. Head to our homepage for a quick quote. Simply enter your vehicle’s registration number and a few items of personal information – name, contact details, etc. You’ll then receive your car warranty quote online right there and then; it really couldn’t be easier!

Alternatively, you can call us on freephone 0800 131 0001. And as we’ve proved, you can expect a high level of service when you talk to MotorEasy about your car warranty needs.