The Hitman’s Bodyguard - A Larky Thriller With Cars

By: James Ruppert
Car chases with Samuel L Jackson Ryan Reynolds The Bodyguard

The bodyguard in question is Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds), and the Hitman is Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson), so that’s a film off to a great start with some A list stars. Over the next 24 hours they have to try and get along as they run from England to the Hague, chased by bloodthirsty Belarusian tyrant Vladislav Dukhovich played by Gary Oldman. It gets even better when Salma Hayek as Jackson’s uncompromising wife Sonia, joins the party.

"Cars, motorbikes, SUVs, police cars and even speedboats racing through the canals of Amsterdam"

Says Ryan Reynolds: “I love the bond between Bryce and Kincaid. These two guys couldn't be more polarised but as we move through the story they start to acquire begrudging love and respect for each other. There’s a bromance and several love stories all wrapped up in this incredible, crazy action story.”

Samuel L. Jackson does not diagree, “Ryan and I go on a crazy fun jaunt through the roads of Europe – and it’s full of chaos and humor between two characters who have a very unusual chemistry.”

At the heart of this film is action. British-born Greg Powell, has a long list of credits from one of the best Bond’s, Skyfall, to the Harry Potter series and Avengers: Age of Ultron. “The biggest challenge was that with so many fights throughout the story, we had to find a way to keep each one fresh, different and fun.”

“We’ve got cars, motorbikes, SUVs, police cars and even speedboats racing through the canals of Amsterdam – which is something you’ve probably never seen on film”.

So what vehicles do you see on screen? Well, there is a Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi A6, which are all quite ordinary, more interesting is a Cadillac Escalade an electric Smart car which is certainly unexpected and best if all, a Triumph motorcycle with Ryan Reynolds on board.

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