Car Buying Inspiration: Want to own a Porsche?

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Everybody wants a Porsche, absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter whether they can drive or not, or can tell Boxster from a 911, they want one. Practicality never used to be an issue, but now you can get Porsches with more than two doors. We've put together a quick rundown of some quality used examples which are more attainable than you might imagine.


Buying A Used Porsche - 5 To Bear In Mind  

buy a porsche boxster Porsche Cayman - a beautiful car by any measure

Porsche Cayman 

On the face of it is a 911 for those who can’t afford one. Snobs though will be losing out because it does all the things that a Porsche is supposed to do and that’s go really fast, very sweetly. It will also, stop, turn and then bomb into the distance. Holds its value too provided it is looked after. Specification sensitive, so models with very basic equipment are more difficult to sell, which makes them a bargain.

buy a porsche boxster car servicing Porsche Boxster - an iconic sports car

Porsche Boxster 3.2

In effect the Boxster is 911 cabriolet with the front end of a 911, and an engine where it should have been all along, in the middle. There has rarely been a more completely satisfying sports car package that charges hard, sounds great and has finely balanced handling all topped off with the right charismatic badge. You can find some very worn tyres, corroded brake disc and quite tatty alloys which may suggest that servicing has been marginal.

buy a porsche cayenne Looking for something with more room?

Porsche Cayenne 

Porsche wanted a four door 911 and here it is. Many criticised, but it became a best seller. Indeed, the Cayenne offers astounding performance from the entry level 3.2 upwards and grips like a proper sports car too. It seems to get through tyres quickly which isn’t a surprise really. Electrical niggles with warning lights going off and the door locks proving a bit playful seem common.

buy a porsche 911 911 (966) - a great package

Porsche 911 (996) 

Introduced in 1998 this isn’t everyone’s idea of what a 911 should look or be like with its Boxster lights and water cooled 3.4 litre engine. The 996 is undoubtedly the most friendly 911 to own and drive so it has a broader appeal in the used marketplace which makes it more saleable. Generally the 996 is reliable although the electrics can play up from the window motor to most commonly the instrument pack.


buy a porsche 911 The 911 (933) - perfect for purists

Porsche 911 (993)

Yes it’s the last proper 911 as far as the purist is concerned with an air-cooled engine. A Carrera is all the enthusiast really needs. They probably won’t appreciate the moon roofed all electric Targa though. There was a rash of 993 flavours throughout the mid ‘90s and the four wheel drive Carrera 4 S probably makes the most sense for the majority of competent drivers. Watch out - its complicated multi-link rear suspension often starts to wear and when it does costly bushes are needed.

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