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Used Audi

Audi have set the standard for aspirational cars. They cover off excitement with the RS models, the striking TT and R8. However, your used Audi is likely to be an A something with a diesel engine and fabulously finished interior. Here is your guide to the best Audis you can buy, or at least save up for.

audi used car warranties Audi A6 - Superbly built with plenty of room

Buy an Audi A6

It is superbly built, certainly better than a Mercedes E-Class and easily a match for a BMW 5 series. There is plenty of room inside an A6 especially the estate Avant model. Suspension bushes tend need replacing once the mileage hits 100,000. Immobilisers that muck you about can be a pain on some examples.

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"Audi have set the standard for aspirational cars."



audi used car warranty "Vorsprung durch Technik"

Buy an Audi TT

Essentially the TT does what a sports car is supposed to do, attract attention. If you can’t see the raw appeal of the TT then you really ought to check your pulse. The design details are truly astounding, especially the exquisitely finished interior. Dashboard pod failure, front and rear anti-roll bars are just a couple of the costly things to look out for.

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audi used car warranty Audi A3 - Decent engine, quality hatchback

Buy an Audi A3

A small quality hatchback that you would be proud to own. There is a decent range of engines although some argue that he smaller petrol 1.6s are not that sporty. If you want to get places though there is a 2.0 turbo, although the 3.2 V6 is sensationally quick. Ignition faults, electrical glitches and the engine management systems are the weak spots.

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Buy an Audi A4

Overall the A4 is a very stylish machine which demonstrates a remarkable attention to detail and quality. Check all the electrics are working while you are inside that beautifully finished cabin. Poltergeist sunroofs (opening and closing on their own!) and failing electric windows were an early glitch, but otherwise you shouldn't have a problem.

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Buy an Audi R8

Here it is; the most full on Audi, ever. It looks like it could win Le Mans as easy as an Audi racer and given the 187mph and 0 to 60mph in 4.6 seconds it probably could. All models are still in immaculate condition and with full-service histories, so no huge buying worries yet!

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