James Ruppert

Since 1986, James has immersed himself in the world of journalism, particularly focusing on the realm of used cars, a subject he began exploring for Autocar in 2006. His debut literary work, "Dealing with Car Dealers," delved into the inner workings of the automotive industry, hitting bookshelves the same year he embarked on his journalistic journey.

With a solid foundation in retail car sales, James went on to establish and manage a nationwide enterprise specializing in inspecting pre-owned vehicles. His prowess in the field has garnered him numerous accolades, notably earning him the title of Automotive Journalist of the Year in 2017 and receiving the esteemed Montagu of Beaulieu Trophy in 2011 for his contribution to "The German Car Industry, My Part in its Victory."

And for those curious about the origins of "Bangernomics," look no further than James's 1993 publication.

James's expertise spans various facets of the automotive world, including vintage and classic automobiles, the art of buying and selling vehicles, as well as comprehensive vehicle inspections and assessments.