MOT Emissions Failures Double

failures from emissions tests double

What Were The Changes To MOT Tests?

The MOT emissions test is now based on lower limits for diesel cars. It's a much tougher test and garages can now spot if the emissions control equipment (specifically the DPF or diesel particulate filter) has been tampered with.

What Is A DPF And Why Do You Need It?

Vehicles first used in 2014 need to meet a stricter smoke limit of 0.7%. All vehicles need to meet the manufacturers emissions limit, or 'plate' value, where this is lower than the default. You'll also fail if smoke of any colour comes out of the exhaust. 

What Else Changed In May?


What Impact Have The MOT Changes Had?

The good news is that the new stricter MOT emission tests are helping improve air quality and that is being reflected in the recently revealed figures by the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Since the changes to the MOT test on 20 May 2018, nearly 750,000 cars have failed the new emissions test. This compares to 350,000 failing during the same period in 2017.

It's worth taking a look at the incredible figures the DVSA discovered by analysing the statistics. Almost 16 million vehicles have now taken the new MOT. The failure rate has remained pretty much the same. Petrol cars have a failure rate of around 34.7% (2,841,677 vehicles, down from 35.7% in 2017) compared to the diesel failure rate of 33.2% (2,201,500 vehicles, down from 33.8%). So what is the best way to avoid adding your vehicle to these figures?

MOT Test Changes Could Leave You Held To Ransom


How To Avoid An MOT Failure?

You should always prepare for your MOT and indeed keep an eye on your vehicle all year round, so have a routine weekly check on the following.

  • Ensure that brakes work smoothly and the vehicle doesn’t pull to one side.
  • Tyres must be correctly inflated, have no cuts or bulges, and must have a minimum 1.6mm of tread - check your tyres
  • Make sure that the headlights and all other lights work. You may need help with this or use the reflection from shop windows. Not only that, give them a tap to check they’re not loose or damaged and check the colours are correct and match. - guide to headlights
  • Flick the windscreen wipers and press the washers to make sure that they work.
  • Finally, is your view out of the windows clear? Stickers, toys or air fresheners could all result in failure.

Don’t become a failure statistic in the 2019 figures, start checking your car now and get it booked early for the MOT with MotorEasy.  

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