Box Junctions: Don't Get Fined

don't get fined in a box junction

Is there anything more terrifying than a yellow box junction? We all know that we should be careful, but what exactly are the rules to keep the traffic flowing freely and you from getting a fine?


Box Junctions: What Are They?

Just in case you didn’t know, yellow box junctions are indicated by criss-cross yellow lines painted on the road. Box junctions are often located at busy road junctions but, also at roundabouts and outside fire and ambulance stations.


Box Junctions: What Are The Rules?

Slow down and stop before the box junction, if your exit road is not clear don’t enter it.

You can enter the box junction if you want to turn right, even if you are blocked by oncoming traffic, provided the exit road remains clear.

The problem comes when you end up queueing inside the box junction because you may not have the time to exit from the junction before the traffic lights change.

This part of the Highway Code is crucial “At signalled roundabouts you MUST NOT enter the box unless you can cross over it completely without stopping."


Box junctions what are the rules Don't get stuck in a box junction

Box Junctions: When Can You Get Fined? 

The critical point for the issuing of a ticket seems to be that if you entered the box junction and stopped in it due to the presence of stationary vehicles then you’ll get a ticket.  

If you enter the box and your exit is not clear and this is caught on camera, then you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

You can either pay it or challenge the PCN if you believe it was incorrectly issued. This can be done online, in writing, or even on the phone.  


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