Bad Driving Habits - Are You Guilty?

By: Motor Easy
bad driving habits

Are Your Driving Habits Damaging Your Car?

As soon as you get in your own car, away from the prying eyes of your driving instructor telling you to keep your hands at 10 and 2 and to brake gradually, we all pick up a few habits that make driving less robotic.

Did you know that just by resting your hand on the gear stick you could be damaging your car? No, then take our quiz and see if the driving habits you have could be affecting. 


How did you do? Not well? Read our full article to see how these habits are affecting your car.

Bad Habits Killing Your Car 


You may even recognise some of these habits from a friend or family members' driving style - get them to take the test and see how they score!


Think your car might need a diagnosis or repair? Speak to MotorEasy and let our engineers look after the whole thing for you. 

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