Things To Consider If Your Car Is Turning Three

By: Motor Easy
MOT Test Servicing Car Warranty

If you bought a new car three years ago then you should be gearing up to take it for its first MOT, and it could also be due its first service out of warranty. Book the two appointments at the same time and you can save up to 40% compared to booking them separately as you'll avoid jobs being repeated. 

Four Out Of Five Motorists Overpaying For Servicing And MOT's


Plus, if you protect your car with a MotorEasy car warranty you can avoid any expensive and unexpected car repairs even for failures found at an MOT or service. 


First MOT Test

Your MOT might result in a new tyre or two and a set of brake pads, but expenditure shouldn’t be too heavy, unless you’re a higher mileage driver that burns more rubber.

More cars are sold in March than at any other time of the year as brand new car regs are bought in. This means that if your car is turning 3 you should be sure to book well in advance to avoid any delays. 

For best results we advise getting a test done 3 weeks in advance. This leaves time to source affordable repairs before your old MOT test expires.

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Warranty Protection From The Unexpected

As your car turns three this means you're leaving behind the protection of the standard 3 year manufacturer warranty protecting you against mechanical or electrical faults arising.

Today’s cars are generally more reliable than they have been, but when they go wrong they can make a nasty hole in your budget.

MotorEasy knows this, because we’ve picked up bills for thousands of motorists who've been smart enough to protect themselves from the unexpected - from just £20 per month.

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"40% of cars require repairs of some description in their fourth year"

Why Do You Need A Car Warranty?

It’s no coincidence that the majority of manufacturer new car warranties last for three years or 60,000 miles, because it’s after this time that the expensive bits start to go wrong.

The last thing a manufacturer needs is to start paying-out for repairs on a car they sold more than three years ago, so you’ll be on your own.

MotorEasy’s warranty experience reveals that some 40% of cars require repairs of some description in their fourth year and this is just the start.


What Else Do You Need To Consider? 

As well as your car's first MOT and extending its manufacturer warranty, you should also look to book your cars first major service. 

It's recommended that after three years the mechanical functioning of every part of your car is checked, and MotorEasy can help with our engineer monitored services. We'll take care of any garage hassle for you, making sure any repairs are necessary and at the best price. 

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