Four Out Of Five Motorists Overpaying For Servicing And MOT's

By: Motor Easy
Book your MOT and service together save 40%

Four out of five* drivers are overpaying for their service and MOT by not booking them together, our new research shows.   

We have investigated the problem and up to 85% of a typical car’s scheduled service checks are covered by the same checks conducted during your MOT test. Drivers who book their service and MOT at different times are effectively being charged twice for the same work.  

By booking your MOT and service with MotorEasy you can save 40% over those that book them separately. Most garages ‘double dip’ by charging for the same checks twice, even if they don’t do them. 


How Much Does An MOT And Service Booking Cost?

A full manufacturer service and MOT test package from MotorEasy starts at £160, while independent dealers will charge buyers £201.84* for the same service.

Franchised dealers, with higher labour rates, will charge owners even more, with a typical service and MOT package costing £315.36.*

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Should You Rely On Just Your MOT?

It's also not the best idea to just rely on the MOT test to highlight potential problems with your vehicle. We advise owners to service their cars at least once a year, as the MOT test leaves out important maintenance checks that are covered in a normal service.

MOT tests are about to get tougher

The biggest example is a wheels-off brake inspection. Your car can pass the MOT brake test with loose pads, lipped discs and pads below minimum manufacturer specification. Further examples are that the MOT test does not include engine and gearbox oil checks, or similar inspections of the clutch and brake fluid levels. If any of these components fail due to a lack of oil or fluid, the repair bills could run to several thousand pounds, potentially writing-off the car.

Everything you need to know about car servicing

MotorEasy founder, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “We’re seeing the rise of the ‘Do It For Me’ generation. Our time-poor consumers want to minimise the amount of time they spend at dealers and garages, without paying over the odds for it. One way to do this is to book your service and MOT together, as the garage will conduct all of the checks required to pass an MOT during the service. Not only will drivers be spared an extra visit to the garage, but they can also save money while leaving all the hassle and arrangements to the MotorEasy team.”


Why Choose MotorEasy?

We provide a concierge-like service, negotiating with garages on your behalf for any work, from MOTs and services to expensive or specialist repairs. We can even pick your car up, take it to the garage and deliver back, for the ultimate no-hassle service.

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*Source: MotorEasy research of over 1,000 motorists nationwide

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