What To Consider On Your Cars Third Birthday

By: Motor Easy
Your Car is turning three first mot car service warranty leasing

Can you believe it? Your nearly-new car is now drawing close to its big third birthday, which means a few more things to consider.


3 Year Old Cars: Your first MOT test

Yes, it's another to-do for your list, ensuring your car is legal, safe and roadworthy. Importantly it also keeps your car insurance valid.

You can book your MOT with MotorEasy for just £30 and our engineers will take care of everything from start to finish. This includes ensuring any repairs are checked for necessity, parts and labour costs, plus you'll benefit from our trade discounts.

MotorEasy will also let you know when your MOT is due with handy reminders straight to your inbox. Just sign up for a free MotorEasy account today and keep all your important motoring dates in one place. 

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3 Year Old Cars: Keeping the car

Chances are you will also need to book a service for your car as well, and you guessed it MotorEasy can help. What's even better is if you book your service and MOT at the same time you'll save time and money on work having to be repeated. 

What happens when your car is serviced?

Most car manufacturers will recommend that a major service is conducted for your cars third birthday. This includes changing the spark plugs in a petrol car, testing the starter motor, and draining the cooling system and replacing the coolant.

Our recommendation for best results is to have your car serviced annually or every 10,000 miles to keep it running reliable and efficiently.

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3 Year Old Cars: Extend your manufacturer warranty

Many manufacturers only offer a warranty for three years which means you are now exposed to big repair bills should anything go wrong.

A MotorEasy extended car warranty extended this peace of mind, offering you protection against sudden or wear and tear failures from day one.

What car warranty is right for you?

If you're extending your manufacturer warranty with MotorEasy you'll qualify for Plan A protection, which offers similar cover to your manufacturer warranty.

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3 Year Old Cars: Looking for something new?

Everyone gets bored of driving the same car eventually, and if you're looking for something new we can help make this easy for you.

The first of its kind, MotorEasy's car leasing comparison tool helps you find the best deal on the market for the car you want.

Using this amazing tool you can even search by budget making sure you get exactly what you want at a price that suits you. Or narrow it down and search for the exact make and model you've had your eye on.

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