MotorEasy Review: Land Rover Freelander Buying Guide

Land Rover Freelander Offers a Great Driving Experience

MotorEasy Review: Land Rover Freelander

Land Rover no longer makes the Freelander, which is a shame. This is an underrated vehicle, which is now great value as used car buy (here's how to find one online). We’d buy one because if you go off road there is clever gadgets that will help you to stay on track without slipping all over the place. Then when you are in town doing the shopping you won’t bounce uncomfortably over rough roads and it corners flatly with plenty of grip. It’s more than a hatch and every match for an estate car, but higher off the ground.


Why Buy a Used Land Rover Freelander?

This is a practical and usable vehicle, especially the estate model. The soft top is fun, but unless very cheap seems very dated now. Most of all that badge is the guarantee of ability. So if you want to tow or you need a family estate with a bit more ability then it is hard to think of a better buy. The boot is a decent size whilst there are plenty of storage cubbyholes in the cabin.


Land Rover Freelander Models

Avoid the early Freelanders which can be quite basic. The big revisions came in 2006 and there was a large specification upgrade from the S upwards, including climate and cruise control. Beyond that there is the slightly flashy XS and sporty Dynamic. Top of the line is the HSE and HSE Lux with leather and 19 inch alloys. There is also a two-wheel drive version, which is not so capable off road. It can though return a very reasonable 47mpg overall. There was fuel saving stop start technology from 2009, which helped improve fuel consumption further.

land rover freelander silver Unfortunately there aren't any new Freelanders being made
Why should you buy a land rover freelander The Freelander is an underrated, great value used buy

Land Rover Freelander Engines

There is a 1.8 petrol engine on early cars which is easy to live with and a more powerful V6 which are relatively cheap. Also older diesels and the better Td4 are very good value. However, the 2.2 TD4 turbo diesel in the all wheel drive model and the more powerful SD4 are the best engines to go for.


Land Rover Freelander Reliability

The Freelander has had a patchy reliability record. Overall the most important thing you can find is a full service history.

Protect your Freelander against expensive repairs with a car warranty

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