4 Free Checks When Buying Used Cars Online - Before You Leave The House

By: Motor Easy
Do your used car research at home

Why waste time travelling maybe hundreds of miles to look at a used car when all you have to do is sit on your sofa, make a few calls and surf a few websites. You may be surprised as to how much you can find out about your next car without leaving your house.


The 3 questions you have to ask yourself before you buy a car

Can I insure it?

Always check the insurance group and get some quotes, it might be a pleasant surprise or make you reconsider your choice. For a quote just head over to your nearest insurance aggregator website. 

Can I afford it?

It pays to be aware of the going rate (current market value) and you can only do that by looking at cars for sale. Autotrader is a good place to start.

Can I afford to run it?

You’ve got to look at the servicing charges, cost of tyres and tax implications. All this information comes in handy later on when negotiating.

The 5 free checks you can make from your sofa (using a phone/tablet).

Your my motoreasy account provides free info using only reg.

1)MOT Status

2)MOT History

3)Tax Status

4)Vehicle Enquiry confirms car and type.

5)First Registered? When was the car built which helps confirm which model it is.


The 14 questions you must ask the seller before you see the car

1) Repeat the advert– Yes really, you must confirm the details are correct and there are no errors.

2) Mileage? Clarify precise miles, as some ads just say ‘average’. Average use is 10k/year

3) Service records? You need to know if the miles can be backed up by real evidence. There should be increasing consistently at each service.

4) MOT expiry date? Some ads say ‘long’, or ‘short’ MOT (although you can find details for free when you create an account)

Car on the drive Begin your used car search on your sofa

5) Can the car be examined by an engineer? If the seller is reluctant, they can’t be confident about their car. (you can use this as a bluffer line or book a health check, we can help arrange this )

6) Any warranties/guarantees? The seller might have an existing guarantee for a replacement engine, battery, etc.

7) Owned the car long? If a private seller has only had it a few weeks, maybe there is something wrong? 

8) What’s wrong with it? Be specific; ask about engine, bodywork, and interior. Many sellers give amazingly honest replies, others will be evasive.

9) Modified? A tuned engine or spoilers could change your opinion of the car, not to mention the insurance quote.

10) Previous owners? Less the better, obviously. Where did you buy it? Private buyer should be able to say where it came from, family member, dealer etc

11) Registration documents? A private seller should at least have a receipt. If no paperwork, be suspicious or don’t bother.

12) Is the car on finance? If so, the finance has to be paid off before you buy.

13) Why are you selling? Private buyer must have a quick and convincing answer.

14) Can I test drive the car? No point turning up if you can’t.


Once you have your questions answered to a satisfied level, arrange a viewing and a test drive to be sure the car is for you. 


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Arranged a viewing? 

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A warranty offers peace of mind on your new purchase.

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