Check MOT Failure Rate Using Our MOT Index

By: Motor Easy
Check MOT Test Failure Rate

Check MOT Test Failure Rate

MOT Tests are an annual test of nerves for every UK motorists with a vehicle over 3 years old.

The MOT test itself is a series of visual inspections designed to check your car safety and roadworthiness.

It's a legal requirement to get your car checked at a VOSA registered workshop every year - otherwise you could be facing fines and penalty points. An expired MOT will also invalitade your car insurance so it's really best to keep it up to date!

If you're the forgetful sort it pays to register for our free MOT test reminders!

You may not have known that there are over 600 ways to fail your test across a range of areas of your car. These fall into 8 categories in total:

  1. Lamps, reflectors and electrical items
  2. Steering and suspension
  3. Brakes
  4. Tyres and wheels
  5. Seat belts
  6. Bodywork and structure
  7. Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  8. Driver's view of the road

So, what can you do to prepare your car for an MOT?


Passing Your MOT Test

Step 1 is to carry out the simplest MOT checks at home before your car goes to the garage: 

  • check all lights & bulbs are working (including brake and reverse lights)
  • check tyre tread depth (you should be able to fit the rim of a 20p coin into it)
  • check wiper blades aren't rubbing or sticking
  • check windscreen for cracks larger than 40mm in diameter

These checks require little mechanical know-how and can be done safely on your driveway.

40% of the nearly 35 million MOT tests are failed each year! 

Check MOT Index

Step 2 is to understand your car and what is likely to go wrong with it. 

To help with this, we've put together a handy little tool called the MOT Index.

Simply enter your vehicle's make, model & year of manufacture to find out what's likely to go wrong before it's up on the ramp.

What next?

The MOT index results will let you know what to pay particular attention on your car before it heads to the garage.


Concerned about something?

Feel free to get in touch, arrange a repair or diagnosis - we can help get your car to a local garage & there are even instances where we'll be able to arrange a free health check.


Book your test!

Our engineers will manage it for you, dealing with the garage on your behalf to ensure any work required is necessary, and at great value.

Book Your MOT Test For Just £30


All set?

Get ready to pass your MOT test in style - let us know when you do @motoreasy!

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