MOT Failures That Are 'Invisible'

By: Motor Easy
mot failures that are invisible

The reason it's so worrying when you put your car in for a MOT test, is that even if you have checked it over and it seems to be running well, it can still fail.

There are a myriad of invisible problems and reasons for failure that the 'lay motorist' simply can't predict or prepare for.

Indeed the MOT trade publication MOT Testing regularly features letters from MOT test centres showing significant problems, which would fail the MOT test, and were a surprise to the car owner. Here is just one example:


Leaking brakes

On a 3 year old Mazda 6, one MOT test centre found the brake hose leaking at the point where it should connect with the brake calliper.

Minor leaks, in hard to see locations, like the inside of a brake calliper, are hard to spot and create no symptoms in the early stages.

The MOT tester believed the owner of the car was at risk of experiencing total loss of brake function had the problem not been found by the garage. 

MOT leaks are hard to see Some failures are very hard to spot

Here we have enlarged the photograph of the problem, but even now, it can be hard to spot the leak (let alone understand the significance) from a quick glance.

Calipers are often obscured from view, inside the wheel, and if the roads were wet, or you only look at the car after a journey, the chances are you would not see the leak at all.

With motoreasy, our technicians handle with your vehicle on an individual case & work along side our garage network of over 10,000 workshops to negotiate a great price should your car have an invisible failure. So, with 40% of vehicles failing the test & over 600 ways vehcile can fail an MOT, we will make sure that you get your vehicle on the road as quickly & as safely as possible.   

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