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Spring has finally arrived and with it, an end to the long dark winter months. With brighter skies in mind our thoughts have turned to buying a convertible. That sounds great in theory, in practice however we want to be snug all year round. Although modern canvas hood convertibles are brilliant, the best compromise when it comes to comfort and security is a folding metal roof. So which coupe/convertibles should you buy? 


The family one - Volkswagen Eos

Although the obvious choice might appear to be the Volkswagen Golf, the larger and more comfortable Eos is the more logical answer. Not only is the Eos now cheaper, it will seat four in comfort and the folding roof even has a sunroof panel when it is up. With a stop watch on the roof it takes around 20 seconds which is pretty speedy compared to other cars on the market. However the car can have difficulty as sometimes the seals can dry out and there are leaks, but on the whole it is a reliable buy. The 1.4 TSI petrol can be slow, but makes sense in the current uncertain climate surrounding diesel.


The small fun one – Daihatsu Copen

It looks a lot like an Audi TT, but it's much, much smaller. It is also just as interesting on the inside with a sporty steering wheel, funky dials and a suitably low-level driving position. It’s also pretty solid with nice leather seats and a decent finish. This is a Daihatsu, so the build and reliability are excellent. The original Copen had a tiny 660cc engine, which also had a turbo and remarkably would return 44 mpg.


The upmarket one - Mercedes SL

If money is not much of an object then here is a hyper luxury two-seat convertible, which works as a comfortable grand tourer and is also just as at home driving around town. The Mercedes SL is a high tech vehicle which has clever adaptive suspension for a superlative ride. However, most owners will get more out of the massaging and ventilated seats that can blow warm air onto their necks. This does however mean there is a lot more to go wrong, so make sure the car has a full service history.


Where Can I Buy A New Convertible?

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