How To Get The Best Deal On Your New Car

By: James Ruppert
what should you check when buying a new car?

Buying a new car with a fresh plate couldn't be easier. You go to your local showroom choose the spec and colour, pay a deposit and then wait for the dealer to tell you when it's ready. You can even buy a new car online if you don't want to visit a dealership. 

Except that you should give it a bit more thought, there are more options and buying help than at any time in car history. 


What New Car Is Best For You?

Only you know which new car fits your family and whether diesel, petrol, electric or hybrid is best for you. Read our MotorEasy blogs and features on choosing the right new car, because creating a shortlist of suitable cars is crucial.

You also need to bear in mind running costs such as insurance group and servicing. Go online and read car magazines, join owners forums to find out more and ask for advice. Which new cars are reliable? What are their ownership experiences? What faults have past models had? 

How much should you be paying for car insurance?


Setting A New Car Budget

Set a realistic budget based on your circumstances for either an outright purchase or for monthly payments. Don’t forget about the incidental running costs of servicing, fuel and insurance. Some of this may be included in certain contract hire agreements or buying packages.

Get as many quotes as possible and always compare like for like, with the same models and specifications. 


Where To Find The Best New Car?

Go out and look at dealer forecourts, and because you now know what the best prices are from your research, start playing suppliers off against each other to get the lowest and best offer.

Start with phone calls and emails. Dealers in particular don’t always give best prices on the phone, face-to-face is always better.

Haggle, tell them what's available elsewhere and what you want to pay, they hate that. Ask them what their best price is. If they want to waffle on, simply walk away, they'll soon run after you if they want your business.

Be polite but firm and always stick to the budget you set yourself, say what you have to say and then be quiet.


always research before buying a new car Head Online Before Buying A New Car

Can You Afford New Car Finance?

A dealer may cough up a decent discount but then claw money back with a pricey finance package. Ideally get the price you want and then shop around for a better finance deal which could well be available on the high street or online, compare annual percentage rates APRs and repayment periods.

Someone quoting a flat rate isn’t good enough. Some dealers may have zero percent finance deals, although you often have to find half as a deposit and pay it off quicker.

Repayment periods vary. For example £200 a month over three years is £1200 more than two years at £250. Quoting weekly payments is a way of making large sums seem smaller and easier to pay, always do the maths.

Read our full guide to buying on finance


Get The Best Price For Part Exchange

Another opportunity for a dealer to make money is by offering you a low part exchange price for your car. Ideally try and sell privately before you go near a showroom. Online buying services may well give you a fairer price, if you wish to sell your car quickly.


Try Using A Broker

A good broker will do it for you. They source cars from UK main dealers. You pay the dealer direct and collect it from them and the dealer will pay the broker a commission. You should get a better discount than you could negotiate.

Find out where the car is coming from and don’t pay a deposit to a third party.

You can also use MotorEasy car leasing comparison, cutting out the brokers price and finding the best leasing deals around you. 


Get GAP Insurance

Remember to protect your new car with MotorEasy GAP Insurance thereby protecting your investment if it gets stolen or written off. Plus, you'll save up to 75% off dealer prices!

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