Car Repairs - the 10 worst noises to look out for

Car Repairs - What noises to look for, a motoreasy guide

Once in a while, turn off the radio and tell your passengers to politely be quiet. That’s because your car is talking to you. No really, it is. Whether you are going up the motorway or idling at the lights, you car could be making a sound that is a cry for help. It pays to catch these problems early. The longer it takes you to tell the garage the more expensive and possibly dangerous the issue could become. Here’s a quick rundown of what you should be listening for.

Car Repairs - What Does That Noise Mean?

1. Pops

Let’s start with an obvious one. A pop from your exhaust may indicate that there is an issue with the fuel system. The mixture is wrong and it needs adjustment. With old cars that was easy, modern motors will need to be reprogrammed. Not only is it annoying it may affect the vehicle’s ability to pass the MOT. Your fuel consumption can also be adversely affected. Then there is issue of expensive damage to the catalytic converter and exhaust system. Repair your pop here

2. Squeals

Often this is the brakes. They could just be badly adjusted. At the very worst the pads could have worn down to the metal studs. If left too long that would score the expensive discs themselves. Arrange a free brake check

3. Screech

There are lots of belts under the bonnet, which power the steering, charging and air conditioning to name just a few. If badly adjusted or at the end of their useful life, these can start to screech. Book a belt check

4. Scrapes

At its very simplest it could be worn wiper blades which are in such bad condition the metal part of the wipers could be scraping the screen. Otherwise it could be a part of the bodywork catching a moving mechanical part. That has to be dealt with quickly - call your recovery service or 01206 785 949 for a recovery (there are costs associated with this service). 

car repair noises & diagnosis Where do those noises come from?
engine sounds & repairs from motoreasy Understanding those noises could save your pocket

5. Clunking

More often than not this happens when the car’s suspension bounces. So hit some uneven road and perhaps there is wear to the suspension and possibly steering system. Get it checked

6. Clicking

With the steering turned to the extreme left or right, clicks suggest that the joints are badly worn. Arrange a diagnosis

7. Ticking

This is usually heard from the top of the engine. When the engine is started this should go away quickly, otherwise there is the possibility of a lack of oil in the engine. It is a simple fix, but can cause serious engine damage. An approved garage can check this for you

8. Hissing

This is another engine sound and is a prelude to the engine overheating, or that there is a problem with the exhaust system and a catalytic converter, which could be blocked. Luckily, every motoreasy car warranty covers overheating as standard. Don't wait - book a diagnosis here

9. Grinding

You will hear a grinding noise it usually comes from the transmission. When you have any resistance or just hear a metal on metal noise, that is serious. It will be even more expensive if you have an automatic gearbox. Grinding can also be traced to the wheel bearings, which eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Avoid a serious repair with an early diagnosis

10. Whines

Whining can also be associated with worn out wheel bearings. Otherwise it could be part of the automatic gearbox system or some other mechanical part needing lubrication. Getting it checked could save your pocket in the long run


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