Our Top Tips to Keep You Driving Safe This Autumn

Car on road on autumn weather

Love it or loathe it, the autumn weather is upon us. As the nights draw in earlier and the trees develop a tinge of auburn, it’s hard to believe we’ve reached that time of the year already.
To make the transition into the new season as smooth as possible, it’s important to keep your car up to date.
Here are our top tips for keeping safe while driving this Autumn…


1)    Fill up on fluids

With the temperatures dropping by the day, make sure to top up on your car’s fluids. Check the levels and dilution of your engine coolant and windscreen wash and don’t forget to top up on Antifreeze.


2)    Slippery roads

Autumn brings the return of cold, rainy weather, which affects the surface of our roads. Ice from morning frost, rain and fallen leaves not only pose a slip hazard but can also obscure road markings or hide potholes. Make sure you pay close attention to the road, reduce your speed and increase your stopping distance.


3)    Check your battery

Chilly weather can put extra strain on your car and affect the performance of your vehicle's battery. These conditions cause UK drivers to experience around 51% more dead batteries, 27% more cut-outs and 18% more non-starters. Protect your car with MotorEasy’s battery protection to ensure you can stay on the road all year round.


4)    Prepare to be dazzled

While summer may now be over, the sun can still be just as bright. To avoid the harsh glare of the 5pm autumn sunset, it’s important to create some shade for your eyes. Don’t forget to use your visor and keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to help see in low-sun.


5)    Check your lights

Prepare to be driving with reduced visibility from foggy and dark conditions. Check your headlights and fog lights, replacing any defected bulbs accordingly, to keep your vision as clear as possible.


6)    Get protected with MotorEasy Breakdown Cover

Make sure you’re protected in case of an unexpected breakdown. With 80-% of breakdowns repaired at the roadside, MotorEasy breakdown cover ensures you’ll be back on the road in no time.
Choose from four levels of cover, designed to suit every need and budget. MotorEasy customers also benefit from discounted repairs at our network of 10,000 trusted garages.

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