Is Your Car Back To School Ready? - All our top tips to get your car ready for the school run.

Family in a car

The fridges are all stocked ready for the kids' packed lunches and the new uniforms have been purchased - even if they are two sizes too big! Whilst we know parents will be busy making sure the kids are all ready for their return to the classroom, it is also important to ensure your car is just as ready for the return of the school run, and that rush hour traffic. 

The school run can be busy enough, without having any extra worries on the morning of the first day back at school. We have curated a selection of our top tips to follow to help get your car, and your children, ready for the return of the school run.  

Check Your Tyres 

Many of us have been making the most of the heatwaves this summer, opting for a local walk, bike ride or even train journey to the coast, meaning the car may have been sitting on the drive for longer periods of time.. Others have been swapping flights abroad, for a sunny European road trip to the likes of Italy or Spain.  
Either way, your car tyres will need a good maintenance check. It is important to check that tyres are inflated to the correct PSI pressure of your vehicle, the tread depth exceeds 1.6mm and that there are no stones, bumps or scuffs – possibly from those sunny trips to the beach! Did you know, if your tyres are classed dangerous or defective, this can put you at risk of up to £2,500 fine per tyre and 3 points on your licence! If you’re not careful you could be looking at a £10,000 fine and 12 points if all 4 tyres are defective. 
Not sure how to check your tyres properly? Read more on tyre checks here.  
By carrying out simple checks, it will allow you to steer with ease and stop safely, which is particularly important on the school run with an increased number of children nearby.  

Always Start Your Engine 

Starting your engine before that dreaded first school run can help prevent an unwanted false start. The average car battery is typically replaced every 5 years and if your car battery hasn’t been replaced any longer than this, there is an increased chance your car will not start. A faulty or weak battery on the first day back at school is every parent's worst nightmare, especially when you are already running 10 minutes late and the kids have forgotten to brush their teeth!  
For just £29.99 for 24 months cover, MotorEasy Battery Protection might be the cover for you. 

Wash Your Car  

There is more than meets the eye to just having the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing car on the school run. Having a freshly washed car can help eliminate any potentially harmful dirt, debris or even dust that can easily go unseen. These substances, if left overtime, can cause unwanted damage to your car’s paintwork.  
So, grab the microfibre cloths, soaps, lotions and potions and treat your car to a fresh spring clean. This not only keeps it looking good for that early morning dash to school but helps protect it from future damage.  
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Check Your Windscreen Wipers

The UK has had some fortunate weather meaning many of us haven’t had much use for our windscreen wipers. It is always necessary to check the condition of wipers and blades as they are prone to deterioration over time.  
If wipers haven’t been used, they can become worn and subsequently cause unwanted damage or smear your windscreen, limiting your visibility if you get caught in the rain or if any unwanted debris lands on your windscreen.

Ensure Your Fluids Are Topped Up  (Oil And Coolant) 

Before you start the early morning rush to make the school bell on time. Looking under the bonnet to check both oil and coolant levels can help stop your car from breakdowns or potential engine lights problems.  
Check your vehicles correct level of coolant, and top-up, if necessary, with the correct type of anti-freeze. Also check your oil and top up if needed.  
If you aren’t confident in any of the above suggestions, just call our enginners on 0800 131 0001 and they’d be happy to provide any advice, or walk you through some checks. 

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