5 signs you need to change your engine oil

5 signs you need to change your engine oil

Oil changes are quick and simple service appointments which need to be regularly monitored. This service is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your car and staying on top of routine oil changes helps to prevent excessive wear and tear. Checking and refreshing your oil not only helps to extend your engine’s lifespan but can also enhance your vehicle's overall performance. Although it seems like just a small check up, getting your oil changed can actually help to avoid a string of other issues if left unattended. Here’s our top five signs for when you need your oil changing.

Oil change or engine light

Thankfully, most modern day vehicles come with plenty of warning signs to let us know when something isn’t quite right. When the oil of a car or vehicle needs changing, there will either be an oil change or engine light come up on the dashboard.


A noisier engine 

Whilst clean oil provides a thin barrier between engine parts, when this fluid begins to break down, the parts become less lubricated and the engine noise becomes much more noticeable. This noise might sound like a rumble, knocking or roar. 


Dirty oil

After some time, the oil in the filter begins to darken and gets dirty from all the engine particles surrounding it. Although you won’t know exactly when this happens, it’s super easy to check at home. To check the colour of your oil, remove the dipstick from your engine, wipe it, and put it back in. When removed a second time, if you can see the stick through the oil, the fluid is in a good condition. Clean oil should typically be an amber colour.


Exhaust smoke

If you notice more smoke than normal being emitted, check your oil as there could be an oil leak in your engine. This smoke can also indicate faulty parts in your engine so it’s always best to get everything checked out by a professional. 

Smell of oil 

Getting a smell of oil inside a vehicle is a huge warning sign when it comes to changing your oil. This smell can either smell of pure oil but also be mixed with the smell of gas. This indicates that your vehicle could be overheating and the oil is burning. This can cause the engine some serious damage so is definitely not a sign to take lightly.


Matt Cooke, Managing Director, Filter Services


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