Top 5 Economical Used Shopping Cars

Top 5 Economic Used Shopping Cars

We use cars for all sorts of things, not just shopping, but this is a handy way of categorising, small, simple and practical vehicles that are easy to live with and cheap to run.

SmartforFour 1.0 Passion 2016 23,600 miles £5,300

There is a two door, two seat model which is a doddle to park, but we know there will be times when you will need the extra space for passengers. The 1.0 litre engine is very efficient and delivers 54mpg. The road tax is zero as the emissions are below 100 g/km. Very stylish.

Ford Ka 1.2 Edge 2015 24,000 miles £4,800 

What a great little car. Just the three doors, but if it ever needs fixing, parts are very cheap, just a practical car that is fun to drive. The 1.2 engine means 57mpg overall and you will pay £30 tax. The pragmatic choice.

Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i Pure 2016 43,000 miles £5,600

This is quite a sophisticated little car which you can get with a rear camera. The fuel consumption is an impressive 68.9 mpg and the road tax is zero, so there is lots to love, as well as a deserved reputation for reliability.

Volkswagen UP! 1.0 2018 Beats 25,000 miles

Very popular, with the Volkswagen promise of class and some style. Not as cheap as some to run but 54mpg is pretty good overall. Always in demand and three and five door options.

Honda Jazz 1.3 I-VTEC SE 2015 27,000 miles

One of the very best small car buys, purely because it is solidly built and very reliable. 56 mpg and £30 annual tax, has plenty of room inside and just goes about its shopping business very anonymously.

Five similar, but actually quite different small cars that are worth considering when you want a good used small hatchback.

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