MotorEasy Reviews - 5 Used Convertibles for Winter!

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Used Mazda MX-5

Convertible cars have come a long way in the last few years. The automatic folding metal roofs have never been more snug and secure. So there really isn’t much to worry about when it comes to the weather. There are lots of used convertibles to choose from and there is a type to suit every kind of driver from sporty, to those who just want to take it easy, or simply show off.

bentley continental gtc Comfort on four wheels and you'll also turn heads

Bentley Continental GTC -  Lap of Luxury

Here you go, spoil yourself and be flash at the same time. Sumptuously equipped with every extra you can imagine. The finish and quality are just as you would expect from such a luxurious package and prestigious name. Not much room in the back, but hey, this is not a minibus, it’s the most comfortable convertible that a fair amount of money, £52,000, can buy. For that, you can get a 2007 40,000 mile GTC with 20'' alloy wheels.

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Mazda MX5 - Sporty Fun

This is the obvious choice if you love driving. You just can’t go wrong with what is a superb sports car that grips the road and yet is very practical. The hood is a one pull job so it could not be easier to live with and there is a pretty decent boot too. Best of all there are lots around and they are extremely reliable.

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mercedes slk used car warranty A car that will surprise & amaze you

Mercedes SLK - Brilliantly Blingy

Many will think that the best reason for buying an SLK is the metal roof. At the push of a button, it moves seamlessly into place & once there, it's very refined and impressively quiet. Driving an SLK is good fun and the boot space is impressive, even with the roof packed away. If you're in a rush, the engines are very responsive. Around £14,000 buys a 2010 low mileage 200K model. Leather seats, cruise control, indeed everything you would ever need, are included.

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Audi A4 - Classy Family Fun

If you want to take a family of four out and about in the fresh air, then the A4 is the way to do it. It has to be one of the most refined convertibles you can buy. Quiet and sophisticated, the level of quality is deeply impressive with a brilliant electric hood. Expensive when new; great value used. Around £10,000 buys a 2010 2.0TDI S Line special edition automatic with 52,000 miles. This particular model has trim and styling elements from alloys to interior details that make it stand out.

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mini cooper used car warranty Cool & controlled with the roof up; ultimate fun with the roof down.

MINI Convertible - Cute & Practical 

One button press is all it takes to remove the roof and that’s when the fun starts. The normal MINI is brilliant and the convertible is even better, it will make you smile. Quality is good and is very refined with the roof up. Buy one with the most extras you can afford, it will be worth it. Less than £9000 buys a 2010, one-owner Cooper automatic with just 24,000 miles in black. Alloy wheels, electric windows and air conditioning were all part of the comprehensive specification.

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