How to Choose A Car

By: Motor Easy
How to choose a car Looks just the job

Before you buy a car it's vital to ask yourself a few questions to make sure the car is right for you. Otherwise, the car dealers might just be persuading you to drive away in something that isn't suitable for you. 

Comfortable car seats Check the fit for you

Are the car seats comfortable?

You should always feel comfortable when driving, so it's important that the drivers seat is supportive for your back. The steering wheel must be adjustable so you can easily reach the controls and see the door and rear view mirrors without a problem. If it's a stretch and you don't feel right then you shouldn't buy the car. The car test drive should be the decider for you.

Best family car for you?

Buying a car won't just affect you , there's the rest of your family to consider, whether this be children or pets. It's important to think of them in the showroom, or even take them with you!


Right car for the job?

There's no point buying a small hatchback to tow a caravan, or a four wheel drive model if you want an economical commuter car. It's important to know exactly what your car is expected to do, and that you keep this in mind at the showroom. Make sure you don't get distracted by a persuasive seller and stick to the requirements for what your car needs.


Should my next car be petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid?

Although out of favour, diesel offers excellent fuel economy, even if they are complicated and more expensive to fix as the miles build up. If your mileage is modest and the engine is the appropriate sixe, then petrol can make a lot more sense. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and make sense if your journeys are fairly local. However the battery replacement can make owning one quite expensive. Hybrid cars have two engines and that could mean twice the complication when they get older. 


my parking space How much room do you have?

Does the car fit the space?

Measure space on your drive, garage, or even where you park at work. Your current or last car is the best guide as you can find out from the manufacturer what the dimensions are. If there is any doubt, asking the seller to drive the car to your house is not unreasonable, if you intend to buy.

Don't forget GAP insurance!

When write-offs occur your insurer will only pay out what the car is worth at the time of the incident - not what you initially paid for it. This is where GAP insurance comes in. GAP providers such as MotorEasy will give you the extra funds to purchase a replacement vehicle or to settle any outstanding finance, so you're not out of pocket.



Best Looking Car?

The practicalty and affordability of a vehicle are two factors we'll take into consideration before we purchase, but the ulitmate selling point is whether it's desireable and fashionable. This'll normally benefit you in the future as a good looking car is much easier to sell. If you're not bothered about the appearance of your car, then you're more likely to pay less!


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