Service Cost: What Is A Big Car Bill?

By: Motor Easy
what is a big service bill

Why is my car repair bill so high?

We understand how upsetting it is to be presented with a big car repair bill.

But it's important to keep in perspective that your car is probably the second or third most expensive thing you own, so it is worth looking after.

Plus, it carries you and your family up and down the road at speeds of up to - maybe even over - 70 mph. Surely, you want it to be in a good, safe condition?

That's not to say that you should just pay whatever price a garage asks for - some garages, and we are most definitely not painting them all with the same tar brush here, charge huge amounts just for a service, and inflate repair costs.

MotorEasy believes that if you put aside between £15 and £50 (depending on the car) a month for your all car's maintenance, then with our help, you can enjoy stress-free motoring.

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buy car warranty You MOT is cheaper than a meal for two

That's a lot, isn't it?

Well, it's a meal out...

A two-course meal for two at Pizza Express, with a bottle of wine, will typically cost around £79.00 including the VAT.

We like a good pizza and know the restaurant costs money to run. But you can get the same food in the supermarket for much less.

Football on your TV...

You can't make Sky Sports appear on your TV for less than £42 a month. You certainly can't get into a to premiership stadium for that.

car service deals These shoes would look great at the Rod Stewart gig

A pair of shoes...

These blue shoes, at the very reasonable Debenhams, are £69*

Seeing Rod Stewart...

Two tickets to hear the Scottish lothario will cost £150, plus drinks, kebabs on the night and a taxi home when tipsy. So, double that basically.

So, what should your car cost you?

MotorEasy can arrange your  MOT and service, for as little as £150. Spread over the year, that is less than £13 a month.

Save yourself a lot of stress, for a few pounds a month & book your MOT and service today.

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