The ABCs Of Automotive Abbreviation - What Do You Need To Know?

The ABCs Of Automotive Abbreviation

Ever looked at a car advert and wondered what the alphabet soup of abbreviations actually stands for? It can be confusing, so we've put together a guide to help you understand whether an EBD helps stop the car or puts you back in your lane!


ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

Helps you stop sooner, prevents the wheels from locking, you can drive your way out of trouble.


AFS (Adaptive Front-light System)

As the driver turns the wheels the light turns with it, improving visibility around corners.


APA (Automatic Park Assist)

Identifies a parallel or perpendicular parking space. The system steers the car into the space; some can also exit from parallel parking spaces. Smart.


ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation)

Referred to as traction control. Prevents wheel spin by increasing grip and stability, also reduces engine speed to prevent a vehicle sliding.


BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring)

Uses radars or cameras to scan, looking for vehicles entering or lurking in blind spots. When detected, an illuminated icon appears in or near the appropriate side-view mirror. (Watch the video below)


EBA (Electronic Brake Assist)

Braking pressure is increased in an emergency, when extra pressure is sensed it helps stop the car safely.


EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)

Each wheel gets exactly the amount of pressure it needs to stop or slow the vehicle.


ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

Senses when the wheels are slipping and makes corrections to avoid skidding. See the video below for an illustration why this system is important to you!


FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

Warns drivers (usually with a beep) in the event of an imminent frontal collision and will usually apply the brakes. (Watch the video below)


ISOFIX (International Standards Organisation Fix)

Standardised anchoring system for a child seat so that it simply clips into position. For more information on finding and fitting the perfect child seat take a look at our post on the topic.


LDW (Lane Departure Warning)

Using a camera, along with various sensors, to identify lane markers and monitor distance from them. Straying over the line without signalling means a warning tone or physical alert like a vibration in the steering wheel or seat. (Watch the video below)


LKA (Lane Keep Assist)

Systems selectively apply brakes or nudges the steering to guide the car back back into its lane. (Watch the video below)


Remember, all this technology is designed to keep you safe but the added complication does bring with it an increased possibility of your car developing a fault.

MotorEasy car warranty protection covers potentially expensive repair costs to many of the systems above, or if your car already has a fault we can manage repairs on your behalf to save you time, hassle and money.

In addition, having your car servicing completed in line with your car's manufacturer guidelines will keep it running smoothly and efficiently, keeping these systems in correct working order. We can save you 40% compared to manufacturer prices.

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Have we missed an abbreviation you need help with? No problem, just send us a message from your MotorEasy account, Twitter or Facebook and we'll help clarify things - plus add it to the list!


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