Car Leasing Deals: MotorEasy Launch The UK's First Lease Comparison Tool

By: Motor Easy
Compare the best car leasing deals. PCP, PCH HP car leases online

NOTICE: The MotorEasy comparison tool is no longer active, however MotorEasy have teamed up with LeasePlan to offer you new and improved leasing options.

Our new leasing page includes 6-8 Hot Deals of the best leasing options for you to choose from. All vehicles are in stock, available at short notice and have no hidden fees. If you purchase a MotorEasy leasing deal you will also have access to an exclusive GAP offer.


Car finance is a big deal - in fact, UK motorists took out our over £34 billion of it in 2017.

Included in this were over 1.6 million car leases.

In this booming market new car owners, more often than not, take the first deal they see rather than searching for the best deal for them.

So to help, we've developed the world's first leasing comparison tool, to make light work of finding the best deal for your next car. MotorEasy have teamed up with to offer you an intuitive, easy to use tool to find the most competitive leasing deals near you. 

You can search by monthly budget, car type or the exact make and model you've had your eye on.

Our comparison tool uses revolutionary technology to analyse the current car leasing deals available for every make and model of vehicle in the UK. It even uses your postcode to make sure the deals are local to you.  

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l"finding that perfect deal is an easier and more satisfying process"

Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy founder said: "Moneyshake’s tool is the perfect addition to our current range of maintenance & repair services. Spending time trawling through websites and forms for the perfect car leasing deal is dull, often resulting in customers opting for the easiest offer, rather than the best. This new tool changes this for our customers to make finding that perfect deal an easier and more satisfying process.”

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Car Leasing: What you need to know

There are two main types of car leasing, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH). The main difference being that at the end of a PCP agreement you have the option to buy the car, rather than with a PCH where you give the car back. 

Read more about leasing options

These options give you the freedom to change your car every three years, but it's less than owning your own car. You'll have to agree a forecasted mileage, which if you venture over, you'll be liable to pay an excess mileage charge.

Remember you'll need to keep any car you have under lease fully insured and correctly maintained, we also recommend GAP insurance to make sure you aren't left with a hefty bill should the car be written off or stolen. 

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