What's The Best Car Lease Deal For Me?

By: James Ruppert
What Is The Best Car Lease Deal For Me

Car leasing offers you the opportunity to drive away in a brand new car for a low monthly price, and leasing with MotorEasy has just got easier. We’ve partnered with LeasePlan to provide you with the best leasing options on the market today!

With 50 years of experience, LeasePlan’s knowledgeable experts will support you throughout the leasing process.

Leasing can be the most convenient way of owning a car as you don’t have any of the hassle that comes with long term car ownership.

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How To Get The Best Car Lease Deal

There are a few details to bear in mind when taking out a plan. Mileage is a huge factor in how much your deal will cost. Agreeing to a realistic mileage agreement is important in keeping your costs low, it may be tempting to agree to a low mileage, but then could affect you in the long run as there could be excessive mileage charges. Only you will know your annual mileage, but as a rough guide take a look at previous MOT certificates. You can find these in the MOT history section in your MotorEasy account.


How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Car?

The longer your leasing period, the smaller the payments and initial rent will be. The initial rental is an advance payment equivalent to a three, six or nine months rental. This is non-returnable, so it's vital to know how much you're committing to the scheme.

If you're looking at the difference between PCH (personal contract hire) and PCP (personal contract purchase) you may find that PCH does have higher monthly payments. However, it could be that the total amount you pay is higher on PCP, so it’s definitely best to shop around for the best deals on the market.

When it comes to looking after the car, unless you select a maintenance option when the lease agreement is made, you're responsible for running costs. That means servicing and if relevant, MOTs, over the period. Tyres and brakes are also your responsibility and there are guidelines about wear and tear requiring you to return the vehicle in a reasonable condition.

However, LeasePlan are there to help you throughout the length of your agreement should you need any assistance with your car protection and car maintenance. 

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Should I Get GAP Insurance For My Lease Car?

When entering into a leasing deal it's important to note if there are any get out clauses. These can sometimes be very costly and leave you having to pay for the rest of the lease even if you don't have the car anymore.

With GAP Insurance in place should you write the car off or it's stolen you're safe in the knowledge that it will help pay for any remaining finance. Plus if you opt in for MotorEasy leasing, we are offering 50% off your GAP Insurance!

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