MotorEasy Reviews - £6k Used Fleet Cars For The Whole Family

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Buying Used fleet cars can save you £££

If you have a family and need a car then an ex-fleet vehicle is perfect. They can also offer sensational value. Manufacturers make loads of them, they sell new at a discount, often loaded with extras and once used, the large numbers around mean prices are low.

volkswagen used car passat Great size and even better MPG

Volkswagen Passat

Spacious, comfortable, refined and economical. Here is the almost perfect repmobile. That’s because it is almost completely anonymous and just gets on with the job of doing its job, all whilst returning up to 60mpg. It’s a saloon, but the boot is ginormous. 

Buy a 2010 2.0 TDi Highline Plus.


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Vauxhall Insignia

Company car fleets buy these without thinking, but they are right, here is a car which pounds up and down the motorway all day and night long. There could be a bit more room in the back, but you can’t argue with the claimed maximum mpg of almost 65mpg.

Buy a 2011 Exclusiv 2.0 CDTI.

toyota used car warranty For all your family's needs

Toyota Avensis

Reps don’t usually need a bullet proof car, unless of course they upset someone. The Avensis is tougher than anything else out there. Some think it may be boring, but they are completely wrong. That’s the point, exciting is out, unburstable and masses of room is in.

Buy a 2009 2.0 D-4D TR.

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mazda used car warranty Modern, exciting & practical

Mazda 6

Rather worryingly, the styling of the Mazda 6 is almost exciting. Not only that this Mazda, like smaller, sportier ones, is actually very sharp to drive. Combine that with outstanding build quality and what you have is the perfect combination of repmobile and real world family bus.

Buy a 2010 2.0 TS.

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ford used car warranty Great choice and specs

Ford Mondeo

How could we leave out the ultimate fleet car? The Mondeo is a rather huge car which has loads of room inside, especially the estate version. Go for the high spec Titaniums, although the basic Edge is not that basic. Good to drive and very easy to own.

Buy a 2010 2.0 TDCi Titanium

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