Budget-friendly Skoda hatchback proves more reliable than prestige Tesla and Lexus cars

MotorEasy’s latest Reliability Index is in and first prize goes to the compact Skoda Citigo hatchback, which is followed by the ever-popular Tesla Model 3 and the Lexus CT.

Rankings based on a wealth of warranty claims data

Analysis of claims data drawn from over 200,000 years’ worth of MotorEasy extended warranty cover, conducted on 44 vehicle manufacturer makes and 300 models, has been used to create a list of the most reliable models and manufacturers.

Rankings have been compiled listing the top ten by model only, manufacturer only and model per top ten manufacturer. Manufacturer brands and car models are scored according to the overall number of extended warranty claims since 2016, the average number of claims per year and crucially, the annual average cost of a claim.

A premium price tag doesn’t guarantee peace of mind

It is interesting to see in the rankings that whilst Ford, Peugeot, Tesla, Vauxhall and Volvo each have a model showcased in the top ten most reliable models table, none of them appear on the list of the overall most reliable manufacturers. That list is topped by Dacia, followed by Suzuki and Honda, with their most dependable models being the Dacia Logan, Suzuki Vitara and Honda Accord. The comparatively lower costs associated with replacement parts for these manufacturers will be a key factor for their higher ranking.

Informed car buying can protect the pennies in the longer term

Knowing which models and manufacturers are most reliable is extremely valuable when looking to buy a new or used car. Not only does it give drivers a better overall picture of the ongoing cost of owning and running each vehicle, but it can also help them plan for servicing, maintenance, and repair costs. Some might expect that paying more for a premium brand or model will mean lower maintenance and repair costs, but the MotorEasy research doesn’t appear to support that thinking. Only two premium manufacturer brands appear in our Reliability Index top ten tables – Infinity and Lexus.

Prepare for the unexpected

Regardless of the make, model, mileage, and age of a vehicle, or where it is placed in MotorEasy’s Reliability Index, repair costs can be unpredictable. Spiraling energy, parts and labour costs have hit motorists hard in recent years, and unexpected repair bills can have a serious impact on personal finances. For any vehicle, an extended warranty can offer vital financial protection against the unexpected.

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