Top 10 Best Selling Cars of 2022

Whilst it’s not always been easy to get hold of brand new cars this year, there were still plenty of new vehicles hitting the roads. The top 10 is a good mix of family SUVs and hatchbacks, so let’s take a look at the cars that topped the charts in 2022. 



1) Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai is a regular feature on the best sellers list with nearly 40,000 cars sold this year alone. It's popular with families because it’s affordable, has a good safety rating and comes well equipped. As the Qashqai is a frequent top seller there’s plenty of used examples to choose from if your budget doesn't quite stretch to a brand new one.  




2) Vauxhall Corsa 

Ideal as a first car or small family car, the Corsa is cheap to insure and is significantly bigger than its first iteration in 1993. It comes with a good range of economical engines so all round running costs should be relatively low. Again, it’s a hugely successful seller in the UK so there’s lots of used examples that would be perfect for learner drivers. 


3) Ford Puma 

Surprisingly, rising up the ranks as Ford’s best selling passenger car, the Ford Puma has superseded the Focus and Fiesta. The Puma has a unique body type, in essence it’s a hatchback with a higher ride height, making it more like a baby SUV. It means it’s much more practical but still small enough to make it easy to manoeuvre.




Available in a number of sporty and luxury guises, MINI benefits from a wide range of customisation options. Backed by BMW’s reputation for reliability and quality, the MINI is a great pick for a car that has style and an exciting driving experience, all bundled up in a small package. Well, not as small as the original MINI of course but this does mean there’s more room for passengers and luggage. 




5) Kia Sportage 

Worlds apart from the first generation in the ‘90s, the Sportage is far more striking and stylish than ever before. Inside there’s a large infotainment screen, digital driver display and a host of driver assistance technology to keep everyone safe. The range starts at a very affordable price and all cars come with a seven year warranty, which helps with resale value. 


6) Hyundai Tucson 

Built on the same platform as the Sportage, the Tucson is a very similar car in terms of size and space. There’s a good range of engine options including hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants to offer better fuel economy. As well as being a good family car, it’s capable of towing up to 1,650kg, making it ideal as a caravanning car. 



7) Volkswagen Golf

Now in its eighth generation, the Golf is a common sight on the roads. It rivals the Ford Focus as a family hatchback that’s also fun to drive. The newer models focus on sporty driving dynamics and engaging handling. It’s no longer a standard family run around, it’s exciting to drive and if you need to carry passengers there’s plenty of room. 



8) Ford Kuga 

The Kuga is Ford’s second biggest SUV, sitting just below the Edge in the model lineup. The latest generation has seen lots of improvements inside and out, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid options added to the engine range. Inside, the interior has been restyled with a larger touchscreen that’s higher in the centre of the dash and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 


9) Tesla Model Y  

Whilst some other cars on the list are available in all-electric versions now, the Model Y is the only electric car to make the top 10 this year. It’s Tesla’s answer to the family SUV and with more Tesla superchargers dotted around the country, electric charging is far more accessible. For an electric car it’s quite reasonably priced too, considering the entry-level model has a range of 280 miles. 


10) Kia Niro 

Like the Sportage, the Niro has been updated for 2022 and this new iteration has proved incredibly popular. As a small SUV it’s got all the practicality of a large hatchback with a higher ride height to make it easier to drive and load luggage into. Kia also offers the Niro in an all-electric version that has a range of over 250 miles. 


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