10 Ways To Make Up To £37,587 With Your Car Every Year

By: Motor Easy
10 ways to make money on your car

Having your own car can help access a potential goldmine. Find out how you could be making up to £3,132 a month, with our fun guide to 10 money-saving tips.

1. Turn your car into a moving billboard to earn up to £150 a month - by signing up for services like Adverttu, you can advertise brands on your car with vinyl stickers. The amount you earn will depend on the type of car you own, what you choose to advertise and where you drive and park.

2. Rent out your driveway - if you live in the right place, companies like Your Parking Space will pay an average of £79/month to rent your driveway. While a sought after space in London, could earn you a whopping £216 a month. If you own an electric vehicle you could also rent out your charger to earn over £300 a month.

3. Rent your car out to earn £590 a month - A new age of working from home means not everyone needs access to their car during working hours. Rather than leaving your car idle on the driveway, you can now rent it out for an average £590 per month, through companies like Hiyacar. You can also rent out your car while you’re away on holiday. Services like Car & Away will collect your car off you at the airport, helping you earn a tidy sum renting out on a pre-agreed daily mileage limit. You’ll also benefit from free airport parking and will have your car valeted before it’s returned.

4. Deliver promotional flyers and earn £340 - Using your car to deliver flyers can be a quick and easy way to boost your income. Just 12 hours a week could earn you £340 with DOR-2DOR.

5. Deliver food to make £469 a month - Thanks to the pandemic there’s an ever growing list of food delivery services joining the ranks of household names like JustEat, UberEats and Deliveroo. You can make around £469 working just 12 hours a week, with income dependent on the number and types of delivery you make.

6. Make up to £627 delivering packages - delivering packages in your own car is easy and can be flexible to suit your schedule. You can earn an average £627 a month for 12 hours of work.

7. Help people move household items to make £630 a month - if you're happy doing a little heavy lifting, helping people move could earn you on average £630 per month for 12 hours work a week.

8. Remove waste for an average of £756 a month - don’t mind getting your hands and car a bit dirty? Waste removal can earn you an average of £756 for 12 hours a week. Just make sure you know the rules at your local tip and don’t have to pay for disposal.

9. Rent out your classic car to earn £750 - if you’re lucky enough to have a classic or high-end motor, you can rent it out for special events like weddings, proms or even TV and films. Prices vary depending on your type of car - a Jaguar XK150 could bring you £750 a day.

10. Sell at a car boot sale to earn £345 a year - utilise your car and clear out your house by having a car boot sale a few times a year. It’ll help you declutter and bring some money in.


Please note: you may need a special licence or insurance for different jobs - please check this with your insurance company or relevant body such as your local council.


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