The Electric Vehicle and It’s Growth

Electric vehicles and how they have grown

It’s been a good week for South Korean car manufacturers Kia and Hyundai, with both recognised for pushing forward the cause of electric vehicles (EVs).


 Kia posted 833 e-Niros sales in October, the highest EV sales of any manufacturers and a whopping 8.9% share of all EVs sold in the UK that month.

Hyundai, who despite a challenging year has sold over 18,000 electrified cars this year, was named manufacturer of the year at the EV innovation and excellence awards. They were praised for their use of ultra-low emission products, alongside the company’s dedicated fleet team.

Off the back of their EV success, Hyundai are claiming that almost three-quarters of its line-up will be electrified by the end of this year.


Things to Consider Before Buying

Sales of electric vehicles are burgeoning; The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders claimed that ‘Over the last 12 months, the number of plug-in hybrid and full electric models has leapt from 62 to 83’. Many consumers are still wary, fearing the relative high cost of EVs compared to diesel and electric cars, as well as the much-publicised availability of charging stations.

From an ownership and maintenance perspective, MotorEasy's technicians - our team of expert engineers who process workshop repairs for vehicles under warranty – also point out the potential longer-term costs of owning an older or second hand EV. 

Cover my electric car

 MotorEasy's Opinion

The rechargeable batteries used in EVs commonly depreciate over time and can lead to very expensive repair bills. In such cases a comprehensive EV warranty could be a wise decision. But as Duncan McClure Fisher, Founder and CEO, points out that “it is absolutely essential you go for a warranty that covers the battery… It’s the most expensive and critical thing that can go wrong. Despite this many companies shy away from covering them, with MotorEasy one of the very few that does”. As McClure Fisher further explains, “like all cars, EVs are subject to wear and tear from tyres to motors, for example if your motor fails due to overheating, it will need to be replaced.” 

In October this year, MotorEasy saw the growing need for fully comprehensive warranties for electrical vehicles and became the UK's first warranty provider to offer drive battery protection.  

As in all cases with MotorEasy repairs, a hands-on team of expert engineers also provide advice when dealing with repairs. Our team has found that the BMW i3’s electric motors are commonly failing, leaving you with a hefty bill of over £6000 if its not covered under an EV warranty. This isn’t something you’d want to leave yourself vulnerable to. 

What to consider when buying an electric car


Our EV warranties cover:

Electric and hybrid motors
Drive battery
Wear and tear
Air conditioning failure
Failures identified during MOT and servicing
In-car entertainment

For more information about our electric vehicle warranties, click here


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