What Is A Catalytic Converter & Why Should You Care If It's Failing?

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What is a catalytic converter & why should you care if it's failing?

You never need to see your cat, as a catalytic converter is often referred to, but it is one of the most important parts of your car. When it is working it helps reduce harmful emissions and also means that your car will pass the MoT. So it helps to know when the catalytic converter may be failing.

Fuel consumption rises

It is a good habit to check your mpg from time to time. If you have a computer then use it and any sudden changes might suggest that there is a problem with your catalytic converter.


catalytic converter repairs Is your exhaust making a tinkling sound?

Starting becomes a problem

If your car does not start it could be for a variety of reasons. Within an old high mileage vehicle it can become clogged up and the usual smoke and gas from the engine finds it more difficult to escape.


Acceleration is sluggish

Again there are a number of reasons why your car is not as keen to pick up speed, but an old, failing and possibly blocked catalytic converter is a good reason why this is happening.


Tinkling sound

If you listen to your exhaust, yes it is worth doing from time to time. The metal elements inside a catalytic converter can break up and that would be the sound of them moving around.  

Engine Light comes on

When a warning light comes on you should stop driving immediately. Many motorists don’t and ignore it. However, you should never do this, especially as it could quickly lead to an expensive engine fault.

So if you spot any of these symptoms it would be worth contacting motoreasy or paying a visit to your local garage before your car fails the MOT. The garage will have the electronic testing equipment designed to report any engine malfunctions including the failure of a catalytic converter.


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