Car Games for the Family

By: Motor Easy
Family in the car

Taking a road trip with the kids can sound like the perfect activity, but when it comes to entertaining them on long journeys, avoiding those “are we there yet?” moments can be quite challenging. 

But don't worry! Long journeys can be a great excuse for spending quality time together (without screens!). With plenty of in-car games, you can keep the whole family occupied while you’re piling on the miles. 


A true classic, I-Spy has been keeping families entertained since 1946! The rules are simple - one person will become the spy, selecting an object they can see - and declaring “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with __?”, while the other players spend their time guessing what that is. A great game for all ages!

Word Association Game

The quick thinkers will have a field day with this one! One player will think of a word, while the other players will respond immediately with a word that’s associated. But watch out - if your word has been said before, or isn’t relevant, you’ll be disqualified. Last player standing will win!

Number Plate Game

Stuck in a traffic jam? Take advantage! With the number plate game, you can get creative by using your imagination to make up a story. Every player chooses a number plate and uses the last 3 letters to invent a story. The first letter represents a character, the second is an item and the third relates to what the character is doing. The most entertaining storyteller will come out on top!

The Picnic Game

Don’t worry, no in-car feast here! The picnic game gets the brain going by exercising those memory muscles. One player will begin by saying “I went to a picnic and brought…”, followed by an object beginning with A. The other players will then follow the alphabet and add another object, making sure they’re recalling what the previous player had said each time. The player who remembers the most wins!

Road Trip Bingo

A fun activity that takes a little preparation. Before you leave, write a checklist of all the things you think you may see on your way! (e.g. fields, trees, cows, church) and the player who manages to tick the most off their list is the winner.


Keep the car trip interesting with a thrilling story. The whole team works together to create a tale of twists and turns! One player will start with the beginning of the story and each player will add to it. The only rules are the sentence must alternate with ‘fortunately’ and ‘unfortunately’ - making it constantly unpredictable!

Distracting your brood with some car games can only last so long, we know! That’s why we’ve got some more car journey tools to add to your arsenal here. Is there something we're missing? Let us know how you survive your road trips and we'll feature it in our blog! @ us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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