Long Car Journeys With Kids

By: Motor Easy
The long journey awaits and your task is to keep them happy.

Long car journeys with children can sometimes be testing on our patience. You'll usually find yourself 40 minutes into your journey, with a crying toddler and still have over half left to travel. 

But fear not! We've come up with some tips to ensure that your journey runs as smoothly as possible.


sat nav plan ahead Remember to plan your route

Before Travel

Before you leave it's important that you know where you're going because there's nothing worse than getting lost with screaming children in the back! Charge your stanav before you leave, but make sure you always have a phsyical map for back up!

 Check your car vitals before you set off. Make sure you're all set for oil, water, washer fluid and petrol, and don't leve this until last minute as the last thing you want is extra delays.

Car Seat Check

Safety is a top priority when children are travelling in the car, so double checking their car seats is highly important. Make sure the car seats are properly installed and you know the correct seat for the needs of your child.

If you're unsure, read this helpful guide here.

Breakdown Cover

In the event of a breakdown it's vital that you have the correct cover so you can keep your children calm. Try and secure breakdown cover which includes roadside assistance, so you can get back on your way as quickly as possible.

Don't have breakdown cover? Get a quote here!

Games to Play in The Car

Unfortunately the days of I-spy have gone and children will only be satisfied if they have a form of technology in their hands. You can choose either a portable a DVD player, an MP3 player or an iPad, but whatever you pick make sure it's charged before you travel!

If you want to keep your children's screen time low then it's time to get creative with games that can be played throughout the length of your journey. For example; counting lorries, how many types of animals can you sport? or first one to spot a particular landmark. It can be fun at the time, but be prepared for some tantrums from the losing player. 


As well as the entertainment, stopping the children from going hungry is also a must, however when carrying food in the car there's a few things to consider.

It's best to avoid anything sticky or messy, so stay away from chocolate, ice cream or cans of drinks. When giving children liquids, use sports bottles, sippy cups or anything with a lid that won't leak. 

Travel sickness is an extremely likely occurance, especially after consuming food. It's best to carry a plastic bag in your glovebox in the event that anyone in the car feels unwell. 


Driving to Europe

If you're travelling to a different country and using a hire car, ensure you're aware of the car seat regulations before you travel. If you need to, call the hire company before you arrive for peace of mind that your car fits the requirements that you need.


It’s not just car journeys that can be made easy; if you’re travelling by boat, train or plane.

If you're driving in Europe, have a read of our handy tips.

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