Road Trips: UK Beach Holidays

what to pack for the beach

Road trips in the sun, nothing beats them. The sun is out, the sky is blue and the beach beckons. You get up early and round up the family for a good old staycation. Since travel abroad may be a bit difficult after lockdown - we've been taking a look into how you can make the most of the UK's beauty spots to give you that same sense of vacation.

St Ives, Cornwall

An idyllic seaside town, it'll give you those holiday feelings without the need to hop on a plane! (or the expensive price tag). Famed for its surfers and art scene, if it's culture you're into - this is the place.

Margate, Kent

A quintessentially british beach destination - think fish and chips, paddling in the sea and indulging in fairground rides. 

Brighton, Sussex

A seaside resort built on fun for the family - with endless amounts of amusements and attractions to keep you entertained. This lively destination never stops! So if you're looking for a place to unwind, it may not be here!

Tenby, Pembrokeshire

Not ready to give up the dream of going to another country? We've got you! Located on the South Wales coastline, this medieval gem will give you everything you could wish for. With pastel houses, ferry trips to different islands and a brilliant cluster of restaurants, this one is a winner. 

What Will I Need to Take on a Staycation?


Road Trip Item 1 - Water

Dehydration is a serious issue. So never mind chilled beers and lemonade, what you really need is good old-fashioned water and lots of it. A couple of litres per adult wouldn't be unreasonable especially in the heat of the midday sun.

Road Trip Item 2 - Sunscreen

Whatever part of your skin is exposed should be protected with a high factor sunscreen. There's nothing worse than sunstroke, or discovering that you're overcooked when you get home. For children it's absolutely essential.

Road Trip Item 2 - Umbrella or Tent

An umbrella is a simple way of keeping the rays at bay and also protecting you from any wind. We would also recommend you dig out that tent you never use or the classic wind sheeter you spend hours banging into the sand. Hopefully, it's one of those simple ones, which spring into action. In our experience they are great for protection, serving food and having a safe nap.

Road Trip Item 3 - Hats

On the same theme as umbrellas, a hat is an umbrella you don’t have to hold.

Road Trip Item 4 - Change of clothes

As you should realise by now, sand gets everywhere. One way to guard against some of this would be to have a change of everything. Right down to your undies.

If you don’t get sandy, because you're on a pebble beach you're bound to get wet and your clothes will become salty. Flip-flops or old trainers are great for your feet. Or you can get special beach shoes for the little ones that protect from sharp stones and things in the sand.

Road Trip Item 5 - Fun & Games

Come on, you're at the beach. Balls, bats, Frisbees, all your favourites. Don't forget the trusty bucket and spade, no doubt one child is going to want to dig to the other side of the world.


Road Trip Item 6 - First Aid Kit

Best to be prepared and most cars will have an unopened one in the boot. Make sure it's in date though before you use it.

Road Trip Item 7 - Food

You don’t want to pay seaside prices. Save you money for ice creams and stick all your favourites in a great big cooler box.

Road Trip Item 8 - Hand sanitizer

You’ll need this as hand washing facilities are rare at the beach, but you can also use some of that water you have with you if that's easier.

Road Trip Item 9 - Watertight Boxes

Yes you can put your sarnies in these, but also mobile phones. Just imagine the fallout if a teenager got their iPhone damp?

Road Trip Item 10 - The Kids

You may want to leave them at home, but a day at the beach wouldn't be the same without someone screaming about a dropped ice cream or trying to dig their way to Australia. Bundle them in the car and keep them entertained with the classic 'I Spy' or our favourite how many red cars can you see?

 ...of course there are towels, sunglasses, dogs and a million other things you can take, but this is a start.


Bonus Item - FREE breakdown cover with a warranty

Although we don't like to think about it, we all know things can go wrong when it comes to road trips! When you purchase a MotorEasy warranty we'll give you breakdown cover for absolutely nothing with code FREEBREAKDOWN - giving you that peace of mind when you need it. 


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