Pentathlon GB Biathle 2018 Kicks Off, Supported By MotorEasy

By: Motor Easy
Pentathlon GB Biathle MotorEasy Swim Run

The Modern Pentathlon is an expanding sport involving a breadth of sporting disciplines, and with the 2020 Summer Olympics on the horizon the next couple of years are a crucial time for preparation and training.

While traditional pentathlon disciplines are running, shooting, swimming, horse riding and cycling, Biathle offers the perfect introduction to multisports with a simpler run/swim/run format. Lower barriers to entry allow more participants at a grass-roots level to help develop the potential next generation of Olympians.

Following a successful launch last year MotorEasy is proud to continue supporting Pentathlon GB's rapidly growing Biathle Series. Our continued support has enabled Pentathlon GB to advance its successful six race GB Biathe Race Series.


GB Biathle Series GB Biathle Series incorporates only running and swimming

Pentathlon Biathle Discipline

Using the two basic physical disciplines of running and swimming in a continuous run/swim/run format, Biathle can be done by anyone without the need for specialist equipment and training. It's open to all from seven years of age through to 70 with the potential of competing at the World Championships.


"MotorEasy provides different solutions for repairs or general maintenance."

Duncan McClure Fisher, founder of MotorEasy, said: “We are proud to continue our support of the Biathle Series. In biathle a mixed skillset is required for the different sports. In turn, MotorEasy provides different solutions for car repairs or general maintenance. Modern motorists don’t have the time or inclination to deal with the hassle of maintaining their cars so we remove that burden, leaving more time to focus on the things they enjoy like sport, spending time with friends or family.”

MotorEasy Sponsorship Pentathlon GB Biathle Marquee MotorEasy's Pentathlon GB Biathle support continues into 2018

Howard Jones, Pentathlon GB Biathle Director said "It's with great pleasure we welcome MotorEasy as the supporter of the 2018 GB Biathle Race Series for the second year running. Pentathlon GB Biathle were excited to kick off the season off in April and entrants are already looking positive for the year ahead."

GB Biathle Series 2018 Events:

Race 1

8th April - Leweston School

Race 2

28th April - Cheltenham (Qualifying for European Championships in Germany and Portugal)

Race 3

14th July - Hartlepool

Race 4

22nd July - Salford

Race 5

2nd September - York

Race 6

16th September - Weymouth

Race 7

30th September - St Annes

If you are interested in hearing more or entering a Pentathlon GB Biathle event simply get in touch on their website or facebook page.



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