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Car companies don’t come much bigger or better than Toyota. In just about every sector of the car market they have a vehicle, which is usually the best. Not the sexiest to look at, rarely the coolest and possibly not the cheapest, but here’s the most important thing, they hardly ever break down. There is a Toyota for absolutely everyone, but which ones make the very best used buys.

toyota used family car warranty A high quality family car.

The best used family hatchback and estate -  Toyota Avensis

Spacious, safe and fairly refined range of cars. Running costs are reasonable and they are well equipped, practical with lots of safety features. A quality family car with an interior that is one of the largest around, with plenty of cubby holes and storage options. It easily takes four to five adults without any of them feeling the pinch. Very dull to look at, but at least it is really tough.

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toyota used car warranty Big, safe and durable. The RAV4 is always a great choice.

The best used family SUV - Toyota RAV4.

Providing it isn’t pushed too hard, it’s a stylish estate for those who don’t want to look silly in a giant 4 x 4 at the supermarket. Still regarded as the original and one of the best so-called ‘lifestyle’ 4 x 4s, the RAV 4 is very at home on the road, with safe, predictable, car like handling. Not many issues apart from minor electricals such as airbag sensors and electric window motors.

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toyota used car warranties This is a well put together car that is strong on the road.

The best used family compact hatchback - Toyota Auris

As spacious and practical as you would expect, easy to drive and own too. Quality build and lots of equipment make up for the less than exciting looks. Drivers have a clear dashboard and it is all put together with some quality materials. On the road the petrol and diesel engines are all strong and effective, working well with the light and precise gear change. Tough as old boots.

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toyota used car warranty The dual engines on this car work incredibly well.

The best used hybrid - Toyota Prius

It has a hybrid engine which means a conventional petrol and a unique electrical motor combine to optimise fuel consumption. This works incredibly well. Quick to accelerate from rest and with smoothly delivered power. Spacious, comfortable, refined and because of its unique powerplant, very frugal. Reliable but listen out for transmission noises which suggest big expenses to avoid.

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toyota used car warranty The cheeky chappie that packs a punch.

The best used small hatchback - Toyota Yaris

Part of its appeal is cheeky looks. The Yaris still works best in town. The high driving position is great whilst the petrol and diesel engines are enthusiastic and economical. Downsides are limited luggage space and limited/hard suspension. Nothing to worry about when it comes to reliability though, as these keep on running with minimal maintenance.

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