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In case you haven't driven through London lately, driving can be a stressful business. Never mind the terrible traffic jams which make every single journey a nightmare, plus there are all those other drivers who are not quite as good as you, constantly raising your blood pressure.


So what is the answer?


Thank goodness then that Citroën has teamed up Yoga teacher, Michael James Wong and founder of Boys of Yoga, to launch Citroën ‘Car Yoga’. This has been inspired by the Citroën C3 and the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme to promote relaxed and stress-free driving. Each pose has been designed to enhance the well-being of Yoga-practising drivers and passengers alike. It should help passengers unwind, and re-energise before driving, during rest periods and at their final destination.

Car Yoga Citroen Relax Car yoga might be the best way to relax on the road

Those who want to stretch their legs can open their car door and loosen tight hamstrings with ‘The Ham Sandwich’ while resting against the soft Airbump® panels on the sides of the car. Alternatively, the ‘The Rest Stop’ pose will help to re-energise the body after a long period of driving, or after being stuck in traffic which can heighten stress levels.

During rest breaks, or upon reaching the final destination, there’s also the ‘Driver Warrior’ pose. Standing with both legs firmly grounded, you need to place your hands on the boot sill before extending each leg behind in turn. This pose will relax your legs after a long drive.

Citroën would of course like to point that before attempting ‘Car Yoga’ you really do need to take a few precautions. In the first instance it would be far better if you actually practised Yoga. Otherwise this could probably put your back out. Oh yes and also make sure that your vehicle is parked in a safe location. Best not to be on a motorway hard shoulder or anything. And finally ensure that your surroundings are safe and clear.

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Enjoy more information on the Car Yoga poses below:

1. Hands Up, Back and Forward

  • Reach up and place your hands flat on the roof, press firmly into the ceiling lengthening the sides of your body in turn
  • Reach back and hug yourself, hold the outside edges of the seat, right over left, then left over right
  • Pull the chest forward, pull the chest back
  • Reach forward and grab the steering wheel, extending the arms and drawing the chest back
  • Move the chest forward on the inhale in a slight upward arch while drawing the shoulders down
  • Move the chest back on the exhale, arching the back against the seat creating a gentle curve in the spine
  • Repeat three times
  • Hands Up, Back and Forward is designed to stretch, warm and engage the shoulders, chest and spine ready to drive

2. 6-Point Turn

  • Start in a seated upright position and roll the spine down and forward curling the head toward the steering wheel
  • Then roll up to a seated position moving the eyes to the roof of the car arching the spine gently
  • Coming back to the neutral position, sit tall and take a twist to the right rotating the upper spine 90 degrees
  • Coming back through neutral again, rotate left to balance the pose
  • Finally, from an upright seat, place your hands on the steering wheel and bend to the right moving the head towards the door, and then back through centre before bending to the opposite side
  • Finish the exercise in the neutral position
  • 6-Point Turn is designed to warm up all six points of spinal movement: Front, back, left, right, twist L and twist R

3. The Ham Sandwich

  • Exit the car and stand facing the side of the car
  • Move into a forward fold with bent knees
  • Move closer to the car until your upper back is touching the side
  • Keep the knees bent and then lean more into the door feeling the stretch in the back of the hamstrings
  • The Ham Sandwich will lengthen and deepen the hamstring stretch

4. The Rest Stop

  • Roll out your Yoga mat with the nearest edge as close to the side of the car as possible
  • Lie down on your back with your bottom at the edge of your mat closest to the car
  • Lift your legs up the side and straighten your legs against the side of the full length of the car door
  • Stretch your arms out wide
  • Relax, breathe and stay for 3-5 minutes
  • The Rest Stop will help to rest, re-circulate and re-energise the body 

5. Driver Warrior

  • Exit the car and open the car boot
  • Start with both legs grounded, facing towards the car
  • Extend your body forward and place your hands evenly on the boot sill
  • Ensure you are standing far enough away to extend one leg backwards parallel to the road and hold for 30 seconds
  • Alternate legs, making sure you maintain a steady pose and balance
  • Driver Warrior will reactivate your legs after a long drive


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