What touched the heartstrings of the British public?

By: Georgina Shaba

Forget the chocolates and roses! This year, we were back with our successful “Wall of Love” competition! ❤️Valentine's Day is about opening up your heart and capturing what truly ignites your passion. This Valentine's Day, we saw what touched the heartstrings of the British public with photos capturing the things that spark your joy.

From heart-warming moments with loved ones

To breath taking landscapes...

And even a person’s best friend…

Each image has filled our wall with a unique story, reminding us of the diverse and beautiful ways love manifests in our lives.

Our team genuinely enjoyed poring over every photo, mesmerised by your creativity and touched by your passion. We loved every single photo uploaded, and eventually made the difficult decision of which three photos would to win a three-course meal for 2.

Why not revisit the Wall of Love to relive the heart-warming stories shared by all of you.



We're already looking forward to next year's "Wall of Love" to see what love stories you'll capture next… make sure to come back!

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