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Here at motoreasy, we're holding out for the next James Bond film, but understand that we will have to wait rather a long time. Instead BMW have put us out of our action film misery with ‘The Escape’. It's huge fun too.

Indeed, if you love Clive Owen as much as we do you will be delighted to learn that he is behind the wheel. Obviously he’s the best Bond we never actually had on screen and you might also remember "The Hire" - a short film series Owen starred in over a decade ago for the German car company. It featured a BMW M5, Madonna and it was brilliant. Well BMW are at it again and here’s the big budget 11 minute film.

Clive Owen - The James Bond we never had.

The story behind the film is this. BMW of North America announced the return of BMW Films with “The Escape,” a short film from Academy Award® nominated director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) featuring original BMW Films star and Oscar® nominated actor Clive Owen (Closer, Children of Men), who reprises his role as The Driver. Presented as an homage to the 15th anniversary of the original BMW Film series, “The Escape” also stars Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds, I am Sam), Jon Bernthal (The Punisher, Daredevil) and Oscar® nominee Vera Farmiga (The Departed, Up in the Air).

Just in case you wondered, the critically acclaimed original series, “The Hire,” included eight short films which were released in two seasons from 2001-2002. Each film featured then rising-star Owen as the mysterious Driver hired to complete various missions and was directed by some of Hollywood’ s best and brightest talent.

BMW not only brought back Owen for “The Escape,” but also Bruce Bildsten as Creative Director, Brian DiLorenzo as Executive Producer and David Carter, who in addition to serving as a creative consultant, co-wrote the film alongside Blomkamp. The trio then brought together a group of producers and designers to bring the film to life.


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