‘Tis the season for dented alloys - RAC data laments the state of UK roads

By: Amy Brown
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New research by the RAC suggests that the poor state of Britain’s roads is now the number 1 complaint for UK motorists in 2020. Some 38% of 3,068 drivers surveyed, listed the condition and maintenance of local roads as their primary driving concern, placing it ahead of other gripes such as, drivers using mobile phones (32%), poor driving standards (27%) and the aggressive behaviour of other motorists (26%). Their research also points to a downward trend in the quality of our roads, with 52% saying conditions are worse than 12 months ago, compared to 49% in 2019.

Such findings echo the RAC’s own data on call-outs for breakdowns due to distorted wheels, broken suspension springs and damaged shock absorbers – their latest figures for July, August and September 2020 are their highest ‘third quarter’ figures since 2015. MotorEasy Breakdown Cover is there to offer you peace of mind in an emergency with up to 6 call-outs per year.

Taxing Times

While national and local government purse-strings are quite rightly focused on the bigger picture of the Covid-19 crisis, the apparent sorry state of roads during the summer might be a bellwether for tough times ahead. 

According to Nicholas Lyes, RAC’s head of road policy, “faced with the early stages of the pandemic, local authorities might not be able to keep up their planned maintenance programmes…calling into question just how much progress has been made in fixing the 11 million ‘nuisance’ potholes cited by transport secretary Grant Shapps in May”.

Summer usually sees the fewest number of pothole related breakdowns, as councils generally complete repairs to damage that appeared during colder months. Following a mild winter last year, and a reduction in transport levels during lockdown, we should have expected an improvement in road surface-related incidences.

Beware the pothole

As we enter the winter months once again, we might be in for a tough ride. Potholes have a nasty habit of lurking beneath puddles ready to prey on passing alloys and tyres, while surface rubble plays havoc with car paintwork.Get your car protected against alloy wheel damage with MotorEasy Alloy Wheel Insurance.

So, what can we do to ward off such threats?

Watch your speed
Reduced day-light hours, fog and mist all affect visibility. Slow down to give yourself a chance to spot and avoid potholes ahead.

Watch your distance
Drop back from the vehicle ahead and keep an eye on the vehicle behind. You may need to take evasive action to avoid a pothole impact.

Maintain your tyre pressure
Your tyres invariably bear the brunt when you encounter a pothole. Make sure they’re pumped-up to the correct pressure to absorb any impact.

Consider alloy, tyre or cosmetic insurance cover

Should the worse happen, alloy, tyre or cosmetic insurance can give you the peace of mind that you’re covered for the cost of any repairs. And, with most policies allowing you to make several claims in one year, you can drive through the winter safe in the knowledge that your car can, once again, be gleaming just in time for spring.


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