MotorEasy Announces New Partnership With Motorway

By: Motor Easy
Motorway: the comparison site to sell your car

As the UKs fastest growing motoring association, we are proud to announce an exciting, new car selling partnership with Motorway; who will find your best offer from their nationwide network of verified dealers. 

MotorEasy is the smart and simple way for drivers to manage, protect and maintain their car by providing it’s 400,000 members with miles of hassle-free motoring. They’ve made it their mission to create a done-for-you system that takes the ‘not-so-fun’ parts out of owning a car and hands it over to industry experts and engineers.

Quick and Easy Car Selling Options

Motorway is a platform designed to make selling your vehicle as simple and fair as possible. Car owners can, by simply entering registration and mileage, profile their car for sale to 3,000 nationwide dealers to get the best offer for their vehicle. Instead of waiting weeks or months to sell their vehicle, consumers are able to sell their car within 24 hours and receive their cash fast.

MotorEasy continues to add services to its portfolio and the introduction of the Motorway car selling service further develops the platform. MotorEasy members already have access to everything they could need to manage, protect and maintain their vehicles, as well as a range of buying and selling options.

Everything Car Done For You

Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy CEO and founder comments “Once you’ve decided to sell your car you want to know how much you’ll get – without haggling - and get it sold quickly. Motorway ticks both boxes, with a simple online journey that fits perfectly with MotorEasy’s mission to offer “everything car, done for you”.

Alex Buttle, Director & Co-Founder of Motorway comments “We are delighted to partner with MotorEasy to help their customers and sell their car fast. Our online, customer-centric approach and shared vision for ease of use and price transparency makes the partnership feels like a great fit.”

 Sell your car fast

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