How to Demist Your Windscreen Faster

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We all know how frustrating it is when you’re in a rush to leave in the morning, and walk out to see your car is fogged up and you can’t see a thing. Sometimes impatience can get the better of motorists and we start our journey peeping through the bottom of the windscreen.

However, this is where you should stop. Not only is it dangerous to you and other occupants in the car, it is also illegal. It’s necessary to ensure you do this on a daily basis throughout the winter - so we’ve got some tips to help you get this done as efficiently as possible.

This guide can help get your windows demisted in double quick time, which although might stop you from running late, will reduce the amount of time you’re sat waiting in the car itching to leave.


Car heater Start your heater off cold to stop added moisture getting on the windscreen

Demist Tip 1: Use Your Heater (Correctly)

Start your heater off cold! It can be very tempting to blast your heater on hot. You might think "my car always starts off blowing out cold air before it gets hot, and I am freezing" - but keep it cold. If you slowly increase the temperature it allows the air to dry out and you avoid just pumping hot, wet air into your car. 

It’s important to find a temperature and humidity that is comfortable for you to drive in but doesn’t mist up the windows even more.

Don’t forget to point your heater towards the windscreen, this might seem obvious, but we know how tempting it s on a chilly morning to point the warmth towards you. But this will only show the process down! You must remember that even with your heater on cold, the air will still be warmer than the freezing windscreen. This will dry and heat the glass through evaporation - stopping the water from condensing it.

If you struggle sitting in the cold you can use hot air straight away - but it will take longer for your windscreen to clear. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you can see before setting off as it is illegal to drive with impaired vision. 


Air Conditioning Using air con can help dry out the air in your vehicle

Demist Tip 2: Use The Air-Con (If You Have It)

As much as this might seem counterintuitive as air-con is used to call your car down, it can also be extremely useful when demisting your vehicle. Make sure it’s switched on and you’re using it at the same time as your heating - the air-con will make sure the air being pumped towards the windscreen is dry, further preventing moisture appearing on the glass. 

If your car is iced over then heat is going to be the most practical option. However once you have cleared your vehicle of ice the air con will help dry out the air ready for your journey.


Demist Tip 3: Use Your Windows If You Don’t Have Air-Con or Climate Control

If you don’t have a climate control system or any air-con, having the windows down can help clear your screen faster. The dry, cold air from outside can help reduce the amount of water vapour inside your car, stopping it from steaming up.

Once your windscreen has been cleared, you can then warm up your car to the temperature that suits you and stops you car steaming up. This is also a handy tip if you find that your windscreen starts misting whilst you are driving. However if you find that your vision has become severely impaired, it’s best to pull over and wait until you can see properly again.


Frozen Windscreen If you car is frozen, clear this first then use your climate control to clear the mist in your car.

Demist Tip 4: Use Your Climate Control System

If your car is fitted with a climate control system, use it! There is likely to be a setting for demisting the windscreen, this will automatically adjust the heating system in your car to ensure your vision is never distracted. 


Demist Tip 5: Life Hack!

Keeping your windscreen clean will go a long way in stopping it misting up in the first place. If you want to go the extra mile you can apply shaving foam to your windscreen after cleaning your car, yes you heard us right - shaving foam! This creates a protective barrier on the windscreen - but it will need topping up! But it is likely to help misting up in the future. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a clean towel and put some shaving foam on it.
  2. Wipe the windscreen with the towel, spreading the shaving foam across the whole surface.
  3. Take another clean towel and wipe off the shaving foam completely.

This should then protect your windscreen from misting up - ice hockey players use this tip to prevent their face mask misting up on the ice!


Why not purchase car windscreen covers with suction cup here to protect your windscreen from frost and snow! 


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