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Cars that aren't just cars

Jamie Oliver, who we all know from his "Food Revolution" campaign - against the amount of sugar in our kids diets - has now teamed up with Jaguar Land Rover to create the ultimate kitchen on wheels. 

The personalised Discovery created by the JLR SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) team includes a toaster in the centre console, a slow cooker, barbecue, ice cream maker, butter churner, olive oil dispenser, rotisserie, pasta maker, an extenable dining table and worktop. Even a spice rack and herb garden in the back windows; other essentials include a flat screen TV and pestle and mortar. Everything you could ever wish for in a normal kitchen right?

This feat of engineering inspired us to go and find the weirdest car adaptations ever made - and the world did not disappoint!


The Underwater Car

Rinspeed, a Swiss concept car company, are known for their wacky car adaptations with something new being brought to most Geneva Motor Shows and the sQuba is certainly impressive.

This adapted Lotus Elise drives on the road like a normal car, but it is just as happy on the water and even under it. That's right this car goes underwater and comes up without a spot of rust, with its aluminium body filled to the brim with foam to help make it float. You do however have to open the windows and roof for the car to be able to sink below the surface, so you wouldn't make it to that business meeting dry unfortunately. Maybe one day...

The Flying Car

Is it a bird, is it a plane, well kind of it's a plane and car in one. This is the Terrafugia Transition, there is a waiting list to buy one and just to get on it is $10,000 deposit so not the cheapest of investments. There is quite a ring to saying that you own the first practical flying car though. 

In the air the Transition will cruise for 400 miles at 10,000 feet reaching speeds of 100 mph, on the road it will reach motorway speeds and is equipped with all the standard features of a car, plus a parachute for the whole vehicle. 

The On Water Car

We've looked at the under water sQuba but this is the Aquada. It might look like your usual family car but in Richard Branson's hands it smashed the record channel crossing time for an amphibious car. 

On land it can reach speeds of over 100 mph and on water it gets to over 30, and with three seats this could be your next small family car, other than the few they recently sold went for $250,000 each. Designed by inventing firm Gibbs they call it 'a sensational experience with a freedom to travel'.  


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