Car Adverts - Write The Perfect Description

By: Motor Easy
Your advert is the first impression a buyer gets of your car

Car adverts have changed over time as the industry has developed. Almost all adverts are online and you now have more space than ever to tell the potential buyer what your car is like. Here are the details that you must get right.


What model is it?

Sounds obvious, but a potential buyer needs to know the engine size, the model and the specification. List as much as you possibly can, don’t worry if the item was standard or an extra, all the buyer needs to know is what features your car has.

Service history is important to customers Always do your research

Service history

Service history is important and buyers like to know if it has been carried out at a main dealer or specialist garage. It's also handy to list any recent expenditure, be it a new exhaust or tyres.



The number of miles covered is a used car buyer’s obsession. It only means anything if it can be backed up by your service history or recent MOT certificates (add the car to your motoreasy account to check it's MOT history). When you are selling a very cheap car the mileage is not usually relevant it all, so do not feel obliged to mention it.


Pictures these days ought to be crystal clear (here's some handy tips). There is no excuse for taking poor pictures, or using silly filters. Ideally it should show the true colour, but it is best to remove any doubt say what it is. Buyers are very particular about colour and it can be the difference between making a sale or not. You don’t have to use the manufacturer description, Kermit Green, just say green and whether it is a metallic or not.


Holding back the price by asking a buyer to get in contact is not a good tactic, it puts many buyers off. This is only applicable with very rare and desirable cars. All the buyer wants to know is the price. Look at similar cars for sale and price your accordingly. Make it lower and you will get a better response. Make the price higher only if you can justify it because of condition, or any car warranties.



"You won’t sell if the buyer can’t reach you"




Number of Owners

If you have run the car from new, or there have only been a handful of owners a potential buyer wants to know this.


As an honest seller you need to supply as much information as possible and also it is a good idea to point out (and add photos of) any significant faults. You won’t sell a car if you misdescribe it, this could even result in legal action. Try and qualify any faults by pointing out they are reflected in the price.


Car Warranties

If there is time left on the manufacturer's car warranty or you've added an extended warranty, mention this in the description, as well as when it expires. Additionally if you have any guarantees relating to parts bought for the car, like tyres or exhaust which can be transferred to the next owner then mention these in the ad. It will make the car much more sellable.


Contact Details

You won’t sell if the buyer can’t reach you. As many phone contacts are needed as possible plus an email address, which is a good way to make first contact and send pictures. These days, facebook and twitter profiles may also help.


That's it, best of luck and let us know if you've any other top tips to add to our list! 

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